Father&Father Figures(#Happy Father’s Day)🧔…..

I dedicate this blog to my father and all the father figures that have influenced me in a positive way. Father figures have made a significant impact on my character, and I was fortunate to have many good Father figures throughout my life. I’ve touched on in a previous blog the event that lead up to my father’s incarceration. But he was absent off and on before that, and us children were used to it. There were times that I needed him, but didn’t allow myself to think about it because I was used to it. Not having him around, many lessons came through father figures or men that chose to help me “peep game”. They taught what I needed to know, some lessons unknowingly, some deliberate and blunt in their delivery. I learned life saving lessons, and was motivated by encouraging words.

I have some stories to share, and I’ll continue in my next post.

Love &Respect,

Dawn Lovely

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