(Cont’d)Father and Father Figures(Appreciation)❤️🧔…..

The men who gave me knowledge, wise words, and instructions for surviving in this crazy world, came in many forms. Uncles, teachers, coaches, co-workers, my God-brothers, even older school mates.

Surprisingly I had a few good older dudes in highschool who made it a point to look out for me. Some were my older sister’s friends, and the felt inclined to keep an eye on me, protecting me from the dark side of high school. My sister was VERY social, and extremely popular, so I had to take it in stride when they’d tease me, calling me baby. I used to resent being called “cute” cute like a baby! It was so annoying! Everyday they would tell me to “Go Home!” after school, even though I was going home. The “go home” thing was a light-hearted joke, like your parent l telling you to go straight home after school, and don’t get into any trouble. I used to respond, “I’m am going home!” and they’d smile and give me the thumbs up. I looked up to some of them, and I had a crushes on a few, they were the good-looking, popular, basketball player types. Majority of the girls my age in school would desire to sleep with them, but I viewed them as big brothers. They would playfully tease me about being skinny, pulling at biceps calling them “muscles” or make fun of me for my fifteen year old 90’s fashion, my double decker – soled tennis shoes. It was all innocent and I didn’t mind the attention from the cool kids. It was flattering that they appreciated my innocence and considered me a “good girl”. I was being myself never following the typical path that teenage girls peer pressure each other to follow. These young men only had a few years on me, but had a tremendous impact on my self-esteem.

I’ve crossed paths with a few after we grew up, in real life and Facebook. I remember hearing “Wow!…..You grew up!” after a compliment from one of my former teasers. I smiled and responded with a sarcastic remark, and he gave a nervous laugh.

Stay tuned for my next blog, good night:)

Love &Respect,

Dawn Lovely

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