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When it comes to your home, having an “open door” lifestyle where everybody and anybody can walk through at their leisure, will bring you nothing but problems. Not everyone NEEDS to be in your space, especially if you have children. I appreciated that my mother didn’t allow random people to be around us, just for the sake of having company. I noticed she was constantly asked about her social life, they assumed she didn’t have one because of how quiet she was. She was a private person to a degree, but she was very social. I truly appreciated that she chose to protect us in our home environment as much as possible. As dangerous as the inner city can be for a young woman, add on a handful of small children. Why add more potential dangers to your home when the outside world is as hard as it is? Had something tragic happened to one of us, she would be the one to blame. It sucks to say, but she understood that and was sure to instill clear boundaries for herself and us kids.

The time I spent as a child in woman’s shelters, had a significant impact on me. I’ve touched on this in other blogs, but I’ll be sharing some of my experiences in detail in future blogs. I’m sure my mother never in a million years expected to have to be housed in a shelter with us. I was too young to understand at the time how bad our situation really was. The environment my mother created in the shelter made me forget where I was. Had she allowed strangers in our room, it wouldn’t have been the same. The rules and boundaries she set were the only shield we had, because shelters are “open season”. I’ll elaborate in another blog, stay tuned.

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