Shame&Hunger🍞🙁 Pains…..

There’s no shame in the struggle we sometimes have to endure while going through tough times. If you are steadily working at improving yourself or living standard, difficulties will arise. It’s an important part of the struggle, that I am still learning to embrace, instead of resent. Going through “hiccups”, tough times, can take a toll on your confidence, especially if you usually have your stuff together. An unexpected change in your circumstances, or a mishap/mistake can cause you to feel a sense of shame. I’ve felt that way many times in my life, and lately I’ve been feeling that way. I will usually fall silent and stay to myself, because I am solely focused on getting myself to a comfortable position. I’ve been told by friends and family that I “disappear” or go M.I.A, and I don’t intend coming off that way. I realized the other day, that I am trying to hide the fact that I’m struggling, and feel insecure. It feels as though I am trying to hiding, the way I try to hide hunger pains, and a growling stomach. Have you ever had to hide the sound of your stomach growling because you were afraid people would hear it? Have you ever had to hide the fact that you were truly hungry and didn’t know if or when you were getting your next meal? It forces you to come up with lies to cover up that you are actually hungry, especially if you haven’t been eating.

There is no shame in hunger pains, and I have more to share, but I’ll continue in my next post.

Good Night 🙂


Dawn Lovely

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