Paying Attention To Distractions🙄, What Is Going On?🤷…..

Sometimes I feel as though I am a human video camera…observing, documenting, and recording us humans in these times. If these are supposed to be the last days, I guess that explains why our priorities as humans are completely out of whack.

It’s difficult for me to watch adults pay more attention to their cell phones than their own children. If it’s not a cell phone it’s something else distracting them from keeping at least one eye on their child/children. I can’t count how many times I have seen little children, babies, toddlers running around the mall by unaccompanied. I have actually witnessed little ones close to the size of a doll, alone in the halls, no adult in sight. A few times I had to approach an aloof security guard and bring him to a child that may be lost. I think to myself, does anybody else notice these children??? Why does it always seem to be me who sees them, all the while people walk by not noticing. A few of my friends who work in the mall, complained about this too. When they see these children in their stores, they are reluctant and fearful to approach a nearby adult who they think is the parent. They, as I, worry that they may be yelled at or treated with disrespect. We are in a PC culture where accidentally offending a parent could result in a confrontation. Sometimes this is due to a culture and language barrier, folks may react different than expected. They may not appreciate being approached or questioned about their child.

Back in the day, you could approach a stranger with ease and ask them if a wandering child belongs to them. Even if they were offended in some way, they showed their appreciation by keeping their feelings to them self. They were thankful that somebody cared enough to ask about their child. It seemed to be a priority, for all of us….Or maybe it’s just me?

Take Care until my next post.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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