(Cont’d) Just Some Thoughts🤔:They Don’t Like You, They’re Just “Used” To You…..

The folks you think should care the most about you, because you were born into a group with them, simply may not like you. They are just used to knowing you, which means they are tolerating you. I know this sounds very negative, but it’s the truth. For self preservation it’s best to keep your distance.

It’s best to keep your distance, you have to protect yourself, physically and emotionally. Self preservation is the most important reason, risking offending them is not even relevant. The beauty of growing up, into adulthood, is that you can make this decision before a problem arises. Believe you me, something will always happen, to remind you how they feel. They will feed off of your energy whether you give it to them intentionally or not. Their goal is to hurt you and to see you squirm. Tolerating a person should not bring them any harm. We tolerate strangers on a daily basis and don’t do them any harm, but one who is close to you feels entitled to get at you. I hope that makes sense to you, it’s a terrible thought to share, but it’s the truth. Stay tuned for my next post, Good Morning or Good Night 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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