Just Some Thoughts🤔:It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be Tolerated…..

We tolerate strangers on a daily basis and don’t do them any harm, but one who is close to you, feels entitled to get at you.

This is one of the worst truths I was forced to learn in my life so far. I don’t enjoy writing about it, but it actually has helped me to feel more safe in the world. This has helped me to became more brave and free. I started to put myself out there, without a fear of being harmed. A stranger can not hurt me, or my feelings any worse than a loved could.

We tolerate strangers on a daily basis, no matter how unbearable, but we don’t do them any harm. The smelly dude on the subway, who plops himself down next to you in the corner two seater, and falls asleep on your shoulder, doesn’t get an elbow to the eye?!! Of course not, he gets a gentle nudge to wake him up, and an apology for bothering him. Unless you are a very rude and ignorant individual, you will naturally be more cautious while dealing with strangers. I always try to tread lightly and carefully when it comes to total strangers in public. I expect not to have to get into a confrontation with them in an awkward situation. The upside of it, is that folks appreciative it, and Thank me for it, most of the time.

As I said in my previous blog, the ones closest to you feel entitled to “get at you” and mistreat you, because they know you. They feel the liberty to treat you worse than a stranger, instead of quietly simply tolerating you. If you are able to stomach the mistreatment, you have the choice to quietly tolerate them, or not. I hope this post helps you, if you are currently or have had this problem.

Even with the most love in your heart, and good intentions, “they” still may not like or know how to tolerate you. Always protect your energy, don’t sacrifice it just to be around them.

Stay tuned for my next post, Goodnight 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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