(Cont’d)Am I The Right Fit🤨???….


Damn, I know I’m qualified but I’m most likely not going to be the right fit…..I dunno …..I hope I’m on time!

Okay, I’m not late, I got about ten minutes. Thanks bus driver, for actually answering my question, and dropping me off at the exact street. That saved me time, I know where I am now… there it is!

This place definitely looks different than I expected. I didn’t see anybody as I walked in, there was a long lunch table and no receptionist. So, this place isn’t as posh as I assumed it would be, the decor was dated. The contrast compared to my old office was night and day. I turned the corner to a wide open space and a handful of women sitting at desks spread out. I waved and said Hello to the group, as a friendly young woman approached me and introduced herself. She was the person who interviewed and had been corresponding with me. She was pleasant, and not in a fake way, which was a relief. Whew. The vibe is okay, but I try to be as low key as possible when entering a new work environment. I didn’t look too hard at anything or anybody, then I heard somebody yell out, “She’s wearing stir ups!!! Remember those!!? Don’t those bring you back to high school days?!!” I looked down at my pants feeling slightly shy, I didn’t want the unnecessary attention being that I am brand new. The dress pants I was wearing, were actually dress pants, but had the “foot band” elastic thingy. The style is 80’s inspired, and other women have pointed them out before asking where I purchased them. It was a compliment, and that’s cool, but I was definitely not trying to have my clothes be the focus. In a casual dress code office environment, I make a conscious effort to be covered and not “flashy”. Opinions about appearance are not important to me, but it can be very annoying when others focus on it more than I do. I was trying to lay as low as possible until everyone was introduced. Maybe I’m thinking too much??? Or maybe I’m at a point in my life where fitting in at work truly means absolutely nothing to me. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that no amount of money can replace the time that I may have to waste pretending.

Okay, I was just called in, it’s time to meet the Director of Operations. I’m ready, not nervous, and I’m going to be myself. Within five minutes I will know if I am meant to continue the conversation. We’ll see how this goes!

Stay tuned for the conclusion. Good night & Good Sleep!

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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