PT2 The Belligerent😡 Stranger,(It’s 2020)Pick Your🤜🏼 Battles!…..


I knew at that point, there was no need for me to attempt to speak or argue back. I was relieved however, because he stepped several steps AWAY from me before going off……Had he moved towards me yelling, I would have reacted differently. I wasn’t scared at all, I was more concerned about MY anger. I wasn’t trying to get riled up, or even engage in an argument with anybody. I felt he didn’t deserve my energy. He wasn’t worth my time. For all I know, he could be a murderer or psychopath. I just wanted him out of my face, out of my personal space. The fact that he was moving away from me showed me that he understood that I did not want him near me. I don’t think he knew though, that I am actually of the same ethnicity as he, and understood his patios and attitude very clearly. I allowed my logic to lead me and put my anger on the back burner. My calm disposition bothered him, he seemed offended. I couldn’t help but say something to him, as I shook my head. Words slipped out of my mouth after he said, “This is a PUBLIC PLACE, I can do what want!!!” I responded in a low calm voice, “And you’re still here talking…..” (meaning, YOU ARE FREE TO WALK AWAY, AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!!!) I truly did not intend on saying anything but hey, my personality slipped out. He finally completed his rant, walking away in the direction from which he came, mumbling something sarcastic. I didn’t give a damn what he said, I was just happy he walked away and didn’t come close me. I felt irritated and shooken up by the abrubtness of the whole encounter, but also proud of myself. I passed the confrontation test, I felt as though he knew how silly he looked.

The moral and lesson of this story is, your anger is YOURS to control. I was so relaxed and in my zone before this man approached me. I made a vow to myself not to let anybody or any occurrence take me out of my character. It was as though I was outside of myself looking in, and acting up would be a betrayal to myself. Thinking that way, really helped remind me not to let anger get the best of me! I knew this was a test, because I had not been yelled at by anybody in a looong time until this happened.

Although I am not an angry person, I do have deep rooted anger that comes out in the worst ways at times. I have shared some experiences and stories in my blogs but there’s so much more I’m going to share with you. My personal demons are rooted in anger and control, over circumstances in my past that were beyond my control. I truly hope if you have similar issues, that my blogs help you navigate through them. I know the results are working through me, and even loved ones tell me they see the difference.

Stay tuned for my next post and Happy #2020! 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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