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There are a few points I want to add to the story from my last blog, it’s 2:25 in the morning but I had to release these thoughts. I hope they help you put public confrontation in perspective.

Immediately after I was accosted by the belligerent stranger, a younger looking gentleman approached me approx five minutes later. He approached me, and actually said the EXACT same thing with the exact same actions as the previous man. I wasn’t surprised by that, however I was surprised at how fast he left me alone. I responded to him pretty much the same way that I did the other man, except I said less words.

I was pretty calm already, so when he quickly walked away, I was relieved and happy. I was happy that I didn’t take any frustration out on him. I noticed his calm, humble energy, I felt he knew he was interrupting me, I think he mumbled “sorry” or “okay”. I appreciated his manners.

When in defense mode, you may assume the next person, may go too far. It’s only natural to assume, but you can not. I believe I manage to be cool and calm in public because I don’t hold the actions of one stranger against the next. I will still hold the door for next person, even though the previous did not say “Thank You”. If you’ve worked any Customer Service positions where you are dealing with the public you’ll understand what I mean. While on the job you are not allowed to mistreat a customer or client because the previous person was rude to you.

As you navigate 2020, remember, don’t let other people’s actions affect the way that you react. In these times it’s not worth it, and you’ll regret acting the fool! If I happen to slip up, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Exercising these lessons into your daily routine will only help your days run smoother.

Good Morning or Good Night:)

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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