Times of Panic and An Act of Kindness🙏🏼☺️…..

The other night I had a pleasant, quiet walk to the store last night, a perfect relaxed night for thinking. The weather was surprisingly not chilly, it was quite mild, almost warm enough to go without gloves. I felt at ease, relieved, and very enthusiastic to go for a walk. The streets were quieter than usual on a weekday night in this area. I felt slightly nervous because it felt looked more vacant than usual, but I liked it.

I was looking to purchase a few items, basic products that I assumed would be in stock. I’ve seen on the news that folks are stocking up on certain items, but I was in awe to see the shelves bare. This was one of several big franchise stores in this area, I had already visited one that was the same. I was flabbergasted. As I moved around the store quickly in search of the not-so-urgent items, I noticed a very elderly man laughing out loud, shaking his head. He was looking down at the dairy cooler very perturbed. I caught his eye walking by and he said, “There’s only ONE left!…. Do you want it?You can have it if you like ” I wasn’t sure what sure what item he was talking about about. I looked at the bottom shelf and it was pretty much bare, then I noticed one bag of two percent milk at the back. I don’t drink two percent dairy milk, that’s one item I actually did not need. I am an almond milk drinking gal, but the gesture of offering was very kind. For all we know they may be no milk ins rock for weeks. The elderly man, looked clearly over sixty- five, the age that is said to be most at risk still cared about my well-being. He displayed a certain politeness and old school chivalry, anyone could see he is from a different generation of values. I kindly Thanked him and jokingly responded that everything that I needed was out of stock, and fortunately milk was not one of those items.

I left the store feeling slightly annoyed, but had a sense of warmth and relief. The man’s kind gesture gave me a little more faith in humanity. As I briskly walked home, I thought about how important an act of fairness or kindness is, in times of fear or uncertainty.

The night was very calm, but I felt the frantic energy that was coming within the week. Most people will not be offering the last bag of ANYTHING, even if they truly want to share.

Take Care and please be safe.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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