(PT2)I’m😞Worried Too,☝🏼BUT…..


Before I left, I imparted words of encouragement on him, words that I had been telling myself:

Things may get WORSE, and very soon, but for now, these are just changes. It’s going to be different around here, but not completely. There will be some stores open to buy basic needs, even if it’s only two or three. It’s going to be okay, all you can do is stay aware, watch the news and relax.

This was all my intuition and common sense speaking, I have to protect my health from more than this virus. I was starting to get migraines that come when I worry, at the thought of figuring out what more to do. That was my warning to sign to relax.

I’m worried too but, I love the lessons that I’ve learned thus far. I am so blessed to have the food and I shelter I have as of now. All the food in this area is not going to run out over night. Folks are just in a panic and frenzy, I can’t let them throw me off my game. I’ve been through it before, fear can not take over my faith now.

All the while I am still worried, just eighty percent less than usual. That’s good enough for now, until the next step is announced.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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