We’ll Have To Adapt๐Ÿ™„โ˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿž….


We have no choice but to adapt, because we don’t know how long this will last. What used to be a simple trip to the grocery store, is now a trip you really have to prepare for.

Yesterday was the first time in almost two weeks that I was out and about in the morning to shop. I was taken aback by the long line outside of the store, especially at that time of day. I hadn’t seen this outside of a store around here, and the gaps in between made it even longer. The “social distancing” and monitoring of the line is different in the busy daytime hours. That’s why I’ve been trying to avoid the crowded stores, and was only going out after dark right before closing. I need to get fresh air and sunlight, and I used to love to do my errands in the daytime. Standing in that line, I heard many people’s worries. I could’ve put on my headphones and plugged into my google play list, but no. I find it’s best to listen and take in the vibes of what’s going on around you. I felt sorry for the senior citizen who asked the grocery line security, “Are there senior citizen hours??” The reply was, “Yes, Monday and Wednesday.” I could hear the slight desperation in his voice, and I felt kind of bad for him. Some of the older folks don’t have any help, and have to shop amongst the general public. Another man ahead of me had to step out of the line to use the payphone that was two steps away. In typical “Canadian Manners” fashion, he turned around and told the man behind him, sounding slightly worried. He didn’t want to lose his place in line, even though we tend to be very understanding and polite. I usually would have offered him my cell phone to use, but I couldn’t, due to the virus situation. I barely touch my phone in public.

When it comes to hunger and food folks tend to act impatient, regardless of the circumstance. Folks are generally worried, in the span of weeks, how to access basic needs, has changed tremendously.

We have to adapt, and help each other through this, by polishing up on our newly learned outside etiquette.

I am Thankful for the caring, polite, aware folks of Toronto. I will continue in my next post.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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