Those Quarantine Dreams🌛💭…..

I was meaning to continue on from my last blog, but I felt the need to share this with you, regarding dreams. Since the beginning of this quarantine, I have been having short weird dreams. Sometimes during a quick unexpected, drop asleep type nap. Sometimes after a long much needed proper sleep. My body clock has been off it’s usual schedule for obvious reasons, and the weather isn’t helping.
I know these dreams are coming from a lack of  consistency, but I still want to understand what it is I’m seeing. These dreams are more difficult than usual for me to read, because they are so short and random. I have to think a little deeper to figure where the ideas came from, and why they suddenly showed up.

Have you ever fallen asleep with the TV on and had influences from the program playing, enter into your dream? We’ve all been there, and sighed in relief when realizing it was just the TV, not actually ME.
Well, these dreams are ALL me. The other day it hit me that the scenery, and the atmosphere outside has brought many of my actual dreams to life.

I have had this reoccurring dream of walking around in a large spacious vacant store. I am usually all alone, and there are barely any products on the shelves. Sometimes the stores look abandon, with old broken or used products on the shelves. Sometimes the store has everything, but what I really need.
The worst is when I awake, upset and afraid of what I couldn’t find in the dream.

I have dreamt those “Bargain Harold’s” warehouse stores, that you will only know if you are from a certain era in old school Toronto. I used to love walking around with my mother and siblings in that store. 

In real life, the streets are vacant and quiet, some stores have been boarded up, and through the windows some are a literal mess. I feel uneasy seeing this, but there isn’t anything that I can do.
My dreams draw upon these feelings that I need to feel, and now I have no choice but to accept what’s going on outside.
I don’t think I’ll be having those type of  dreams anymore.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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