(PT 2)Police, Through The Eyes Of A Child👮🏻‍♂️👧🏾💭…..

Continuing from where I left off…

I never wanted to distrust, dislike, hate, or fear the police. I never wanted to witness first hand how violent and aggressive they can be towards a complying citizen. I never thought of the police in terms of “race”, I never thought of the police as an enemy….. they were just men, in uniforms, with a gun, that were supposed to protect ME.

I saw a side of the police that I had never seen before. I saw them hurting someone, they were hurting my father! We were right outside of our house, it was so bizarre. Everything happened so fast, I was already shooken up by having to abruptly leave my house. I didn’t understand why they had to do this???
He was not resisting arrest by any means, and I did not hear him saying anything to the police. My father is far from perfect, but I had never seen him be violent towards anyone. He most certainly hadn’t been violent towards me, or any of us kids. Did he deserve this treatment??? Why is this taking so long??? Why hurt him, aren’t they supposed to put handcuffs on him on take him away??? Why do they need SO MANY COPS TO
My father is a very tall, lean man, and as he was being draped up by about four cops, he looked like a rag doll being tossed around. I disctinctly remember the backyard area of the house next door had long stairs going down. They brought him down there, I did not see what they did to him though. I was so confused and disgusted. I wasn’t even crying, none of us kids cried. I was trying to process and understand what was going on. I wanted to go back inside of my house! I wanted this all to stop!

I’ll never forget hearing my mother pleading with them to let us go, let us leave the area, so we wouldn’t have to witness any violence. I always Thank God that my mother was a very calm and logical woman, because she properly addressed the police in a non-aggressive manner. She always spoke eloquently in any situation. I’ll never forget hearing her pleading with the police to please let us go! She didn’t want us to have to see any violence but her pleas fell on deaf ears.
I did not understand why we were not allowed to leave the area and get away from the scene. We were not doing anything wrong…..

Even writing about this incident is upsetting to my soul. My life, my world, ALL that I knew changed forever after this incident. I will continue in another post.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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