Just Some Thoughts🤔: 🥄The Cup-Of-Soup, It’s Bigger Than Soup🍲🍵…..

I can’t help but notice the significant changes in the portions and amount of food in packages since the pandemic started.

I opened up my lipton cup – a – soup pack, poured it into my mug, and was unpleasantly surprised to see a lot less product. It looked sparse in the bottom of my mug. Considering most of the contents is powdered stock with a sprinkle of noodles anyways, I was very annoyed!
This is one of the only boxed food products that I purchase, but I really like it. I’m not sponsored by the company, nor am I trying to promote them, but I really like this non- perishable product in my pantry. It’s affordable fast, convenient, and very easy to make. It’s a nice hot snack, and it helps to hold my hunger, especially when I intermittently fast.
You can add anything you like to make it eat like a meal and it will taste great. I’m actually drinking a mug right now, with lots of walnuts added. The bitterness of the walnuts is masked by flavour. I usually add lemon, hot sauce spinach, fresh garlic, and onion, to boost my immune system.

This is bigger than soup though, and out of all the many, many problems that bombard us everyday we still have to pay attention to the significant yet subtle changes.
I searched online to and found this article called, “Shrinkflationhttps://theconversation.com/shrinkflation-when-less-is-not-more-at-the-grocery-store-97240 (Click the link if you’d like to read it)

I will continue in another post.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,
~Dawn Lovely

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