Just Some Thoughts πŸ€”:What About The Children?πŸšΈπŸ˜·πŸ§’

Back in March “they” said that children were low risk when it came to the virus. Out in public places, you would rarely see children, especially little ones under five, wearing a mask. I was relieved to see the children free to breathe fresh air. I was relieved to see children riding their bikes, skateboarding, rollerblading and running around free. I was happy that the children were able to enjoy the summer weather, without the added stress of a mask.

I’m up again, when I should be sleeping, my sleeping patterns have been off beat lately. My mind is not at peace, although I’m doing alright. So I write, watch videos, or scroll through the news articles suggested by my notifications. I just saw an article come up about public schools in Ottawa already having “dozens” of Covid cases. It stated that parents are disappointed. I think dsince heisappointed is an understatement. On top of this, there is much confusion and I wonder, how much can a child can learn in this case? It’s hard enough adjusting to school in the fall season, but now their saying schools may potentially be closed again. I just watched another mainstream news clip that stated at the end, “The worst is yet to come”…..OKAY.

A popular independent journalist youtuber shared her son’s experience about school. She said that she had to ask him, since he was not saying anything about school.
She shared that she could feel his stress, and he was trying to cope without complaining.
It sounded like a horror movie, to hear a pre-teens account of the first day back to school. Water fountains completely TURNED OFF, water bottles not allowed in classrooms, not being allowed to “turn around” after walking in one direction, getting scolded for simply abruptly switching directions??? It sounds absolutely absurd, it sounds insane! If we adults do not follow the basic rules and regulations, then why the hell do we expect children to follow? I know, I know, We don’t make the rules, but there are some rules that are very unrealistic and potentially damaging to these children.

The rules are not the same across all school boards in North America. I’ve been trying to keep up with real parents, and some news outlets, and independent journalists to stay in the know. There is so much conflicting information, including from the government. As I’ve said before, there are TOO many mixed messages, WAY too many.

Many people have said, that there will always be times like these, and children survived these times in the past.
Of course that is true. I respect and admire the elderly coping well, walking around masked up and following the new rules to a T.

I understand that we don’t make the rules, but collectively if we ask questions, there’s nothing to lose.
Many folks of all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, social classes and ages are calling this a “plandemic”.
Something just ain’t adding up, and yes, I know the virus is REAL.

Have safe and productive day. Talk to you soon.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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