In The Meantime:🥑Simplify🍚…..

The other day on my half hour lunch break, I quickly cut an avocado and paired it with a little rice. I was VERY hungry, and a snack just wasn’t cuttin’ it. A little goes a long way, and this meal hit the spot! Avocados are one of my favourite fruits, and they are extremely underrated. I suggest you add them to your weekly meals if you have access to them.

While I’m working, sometimes it feels as though ONE hour, counts as DOUBLE for my stomach. When my stomach starts to growl, it sounds extra loud like a lion! It sounds as though I haven’t eaten in days, and I’m embarrassed! I’ve even thought that a customer can actually hear my stomach…through the phone! Hunger ain’t no joke.

I could not imagine not having access to an avocado ever again, because of a food shortage, or shutdown of the border. If by chance it does get to that point, many of us will have to cut back on certain foods, and learn to cut back on unnecessary large portion sizes. I’ve seen this on the news, being promoted currently at restaurants in other countries, you can do the research.

I remember last year posting a blog about the fall of Venezuela, the economic break down, after watching an interesting and informative documentary on YouTube. That blog didn’t get much traction, it was very short, and not detailed, BUT my point was very clear. The horror of what I witnessed, seeing all local stores have ZERO supply of the BASICS, shook me to the core. People were unable to access these items, and in no time these items became inaccessible. I felt it was necessary to say something about it, and I didn’t think my post would be perceived as “negative”. I pretty much stated:

The basics that we tend to take for granted, be sure to appreciate them. There may come a time when you don’t have access to those needs and they will become luxuries. Growing up in a country, with an abundance of food, access to clean running water, and indoor plumbing/heating is a privilege that I don’t take for granted.

The documentary showed footage of folks waiting for food in an outside camp-like setting. I’m not quite sure what it was called, but families were sitting outside at picnic tables. They interviewed a young mother who explained that she would not be able to give her child any milk for the week, had she not received this help. Heartbreaking to witness, but I have been a child of a similar circumstance, which I’ve shared in past posts.

I can’t say enough about this topic. I have so much more to share on this topic, but I’ll save it for another post. Count your blessings, and have a productive day.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely


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