That ☀ Sunset on 🌇 Nov 3rd…..

This afternoon around the time of sunset, the sky looked extra beautiful, almost breathtaking. I stopped, just to gaze at it, as I waited at the stoplight. I thought to myself:

Why does the sky look so beautiful? More beautiful than it has in a long time? Maybe I’ve been missing this time of day, because I’m usually working, cooped up inside…I feel as though this is one of the last times I’ll ever see a sky like this. I gotta take a picture, but the sun is kinda in my eyes. I need a head better angle, a head on shot. I’ll just cross the street to the middle sidewalk stoplight, above the bridge. Oh damn! There’s already a dude there, And he’s taking photos too! How annoying! I guess I’ll stay over here and make due….That light better not change!

I awkwardly positioned my phone to take a photo, and I tried my very best, to get a proper shot. I awkwardly positioned my camera, hoping the light wouldn’t turn green. An elderly man was walking towards me, and I tried not to get him in the shot, I’m always cautious not to point cell phone directly at unsuspecting pedestrians. He looked directly at me, I could see he was wondering what I was doing, because of the manner in which I was moving. I was moving quickly, desperate to accomplish my task!

Here’s the photo…

It doesn’t depict the sunset the way I saw it, but I love the glow.

Have a safe and productive day:)

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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