Just Some Thoughts 🤔: Just Seems A Little Off /☀/🏇🏿/❓….

The temperatures have shot up out of the blue, a pleasant surprise, but feels very unnatural. It seems a little off to me.

I had to take a double look and refresh my browser when I saw the weekly forecast. I was ready for the temperature to drop below zero within the next few weeks. Then again, I’ve learn to expect the unexpected in these strange times. The weather has BEEN tampered with, and this ain’t no conspiracy. If you grew up in Canada, and are over twenty, you would’ve definitely noticed the drastic change in the seasons. Mother earth is not well, and we all know why.

I tried to catch some of that warmth and sunlight, but by the time I reached outside 4:30ish, it was already dark. Did the sun go down a little earlier than usual? The streets were very active, many people dining out, trying to enjoy the warm fall evening. The sound of latin jazz bumping out of the local open-front, very well-lit restaurant. It looked and felt like a regular warm summer night! Folks sitting outside, many without masks. Talking, laughing, looking very happy, very “pre-covid19”. The vibe was nice, I almost forgot about the government restrictions. I almost daydreamed my way into a new reality…The old norm.

On my brisk walk home after completing my errands, I was very relaxed, and content. As I calmly walked home enyoying the warmth and chill vibes, I was completely caught off guard. I winced in the dark, thinking maybe my eyes were deceiving me. I saw a tall dark figure in the road, beside the curb, moving in my direction. As I moved closer, I realized it was a horse! An RCMP officer on a horse, Ooooh Okay! I’ve seen these officers many a time, just not in this side of the city, especially after dark. It was very out-of-place, and I thought something must be wrong. They usually only come out to help monitor crowds, large gatherings, like the “Caribana Festival”. My discernment told me perhaps they are preparing for something, for it was the day of USA elections….I dunno, it was just weird. So of course I quickly and awkwardly positioned my phone, and snapped a pic.

Lately I’ve been doing well, but some things in the outside world just seem a little off…

For now, that’s all I have to say. Have a productive day!

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely


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