Preserving Your Power & Heal Your Body🍎⚡💪🏽🔋….

Recharging your battery, preserving your energy, crucial in these times. I write this as I’m pushing past my bedtime. Taking care of your basic health will make a world of difference on your next compulsory medical visit. I say this because many of us have not, and will not see a doctor anytime soon for our yearly check up. The cost of a medical visit has changed drastically within a year, and not just the price. We can not afford to go to a medical clinic or hospital, unless it’s absolutely necessary. There’s too many people in line, and too many folks who are in desperate need of medical attention, especially the elderly.

As I continue to add to this blog, it’s 12:15am, and I’m supposed to be getting ready to go to bed. I’m trying to get a little more sleep than usual, because my body needs it. I recently had a major dental procedure, and I’m trying to give my body the extra rest it requires in order to heal quicker. I think I’m healing pretty well so far, it hasn’t been a full week yet. I’ve followed protocol, and did what the dentist’s paper instructions told me to. I’m not in pain, Thankfully, but I am experiencing normal discomfort, adjusting to the change in my mouth. It has been challenging eating though, not just with food choice, but being restricted to one side of my mouth. The good thing is, my daily diet is mostly comprised of what I need to eat, so I’m okay with pea soup for a week or so.

I’m actually about to eat a cup of sugar-free apple sauce. I haven’t had apple sauce in years, now it’s one of the only things that I can eat. I’m craving the taste and crunch of a solid sweet apple, love to be able to bite into one right now! Teeth really are a blessing, and I do believe we take our teeth for granted. My urge to eat a chewy candy has slowly diminished, and I’ve cut back even more since the procedure. The thought of the sticky sweets being stuck in between my teeth scares me! I only have half of my mouth to chew. I need to preserve the half of my mouth that I still can use. I will never look at candy the same again.

I took this pic on an unusually warm beautiful evening, on the way to my favourite neighbourhood fruit market. I was going to purchase some bananas and avocados. Two fruits that are soft enough to chew for sure. Good thing that I love them and eat them everyday anyways.

I’ve go more to share on this topic, but I’ll save it for my next post. Good night and Good sleep.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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