My Quest For Closure PT2: On That Day,🌹🙏🏼Aug 30th 2021…

Continuing from my last thought:

I had a little break down in the evening on August 28th, as I got home from the road. The severe thunderstorm started as I turned the corner to my place. I felt an eerie vibe, a touch of fear and panic that I have NOT felt before. I thought to myself, WOW. Her life, her legacy, overshadowed, and marred by others mistakes. I started to feel ashamed and disappointed. I thought the rain was representative of tears, and the thunder, anger. I have never been afraid of thunder or lightening, I’ve always found it quite beautiful and fascinating. This thunder sounded different this time, for the first time, it actually scared me, and moved me on the inside. As the rain began to fall harder, I quickened my steps and my heart beat sped up. I felt shame and sorrow, thoughts of her ashes scattered in water, hit me. Thoughts of her family, her sisters, her grand auntie & uncle that raised her, her mother, my father, her friends, the people who knew her before I did. It was done, permanent, no turning back. Although I was relieved, and didn’t want to dwell on it, I felt off about it. I called my cousin frantic, and cried as I explained what I was feeling. She allowed me to release, listened, and shared words of support. She told me by the way that I sounded when she answered the phone, she thought something had happened to me. She told me it was okay, and it’s understandable why I felt this way. The people who knew and loved her, who asked about her for years, were not able to be a part of it. I tried not to engage in those thoughts, but they sat on my conscience. For years I felt as though she had been dehumanized, even in life, and this was literally about her humanity. She deserved for this to only be about her, and the people who truly loved her. The energy and love she gave to us, to be reciprocated in this important ceremony. There’s nothing that I could do to change it, I could only share the good news with her loved ones. I called as many of them as I could, my Auntie’s her sisters who adored her. They were VERY HAPPY. I even told her mother, (grandma), who is 82 years old and still has her senses. I texted my father, and he called me immediately. He was VERY THANKFUL that I told him. Their happiness helped me feel actual true closure. The were shocked and elated, and relieved to have a place to go to honour her.

I felt light as a feather on that day. I made sure to get adequate rest, and be up early. I truly felt light, and airy, like a feather floating down the sidewalk. I felt free, untouchable, relaxed and zen. The weather was great, sunny and hot but not humid, as the previous days, which was refreshing! The weather definitely reflected my mood. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my body. I felt balanced, and fair, my energy was quitely positive. Mom’s memory wasn’t being interrupted by guilt and regret. Mom’s day felt good now, she was given some dignity, while she rests. Those recent very short dreams of her sending me messages, probably will end.

There is more to my quest for closure, that involves forgiveness and releasing anger and rage. The soap opera drama created by others, as a distraction to avoid giving Mom her place, has changed me forever. I will continue in another blog.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

~ Dawn Lovely

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2 thoughts on “My Quest For Closure PT2: On That Day,🌹🙏🏼Aug 30th 2021…

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. As usual, I felt your emotion. I could literally picture you calling your cousin. I could literally picture you feeling lighter… Last weekend someone told me that when we lose someone we grieve for them, but we also grieve for ourselves; for the versions of ourselves that used to be, and the versions that will never come to existence because of our loss. That made so much sense to me. It made me think about my own life, and now reading this blog post it made me think about you (about the little I know about you). As you know all too well, this is all a journey with many twists and turns. I wish you nothing but the utmost best as you continue to navigate these different emotions and events. Peace and love xxx

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    1. Hey Stella, Thanks for taking it in. It took a while to complete and I wanted to paint a full picture for the reader. Your friend’s words of wisdom are very true! So much lost in ourselves, relationships, the life that we knew. I’m feeling a lot better! Your well wishes are much appreciated🙏🏼❤️.


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