While We Continue To Keep Our Distance, Behind The Mask 😷….

I was in a restaurant waiting in line with a lady and two children that I assumed were her sons. The boys jumped around, bouncing on the “social distance-floor-markers”. She glanced at me, and apologized for their rowdiness. I don’t at all consider children playing in that manner to be “rowdy”. I thought it was cool and cute that they created a fun game while waiting. If I was a kid, I think I’d do same thing. Can you imagine growing up in this type of environment? As tumultuous as my childhood was at times, I still can not imagine it. This was early in the year, when schools were not open, and lock down rules were strict. As I waited for my order, I asked the lady if the boys were twins, because they had a twin vibe. I love seeing twins, as I’m one, and I’m usually able to spot twins on the spot, regardless of what type. She responded, yes they are! I told her that I could tell, simply by their twin energy. She said that they actually look, absolutely nothing alike if I saw them without the masks, and she was surprised that I was able to sense they were twins. They didn’t look the same regardless, they even had different hair colors, but I still knew they were twins. I could sense their twin energy and bond, especially by the way the were playing together. I was proud that my “twindar” was still on point, and I’m not losing my instincts considering we’ve been masked for two years.

It’s interesting to watch the world as we continue to keep our distance. I still feel as though I’m observing from afar, recording what I see. I continue to count my blessings, and try to reduce my stress levels any where I can. I still find myself smiling behind my mask with folks who speak to me in public, or pay me a compliment, and forget that the person can not see it. They may catch the smile in my eyes, I hope.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

~Dawn Lovely

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4 thoughts on “While We Continue To Keep Our Distance, Behind The Mask 😷….

  1. Heart-warming piece! I could picture the boys playing, lol… oh, and yes, I’m sure that some people can see your smile through your eyes, just as I notice people smiling behind their masks. It’s hard and not always as obvious as we’d like, but when we block out the noise our eyes speak a thousand words. It’s something I never knew we’d cherish this much…

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