Just Some Thoughts🤔: The Vacant Carousel 🎠 …..

I meant to share these thoughts a few months ago, but I thought they weren’t that important, and pretty depressing. I was inspired by an empty carousel in that same mall that I wrote about in the start of last year. I stopped in because I was commuting for an appointment. This mall usually would be full of people at this time of day, and it was still pretty empty. We were in a time where the virus restrictions had loosened up again, and folks were enthusiastic to hit their favourite familiar stores.

As I quickly walked through the corridors intending on grabbing only a few necessities, I didn’t know what to expect. Surprisingly there was no long cafeteria table, there was nobody there with a clipboard and pen, asking me to sign in. I guess the rules and restrictions protocol had changed. There were only a few people scattered in sight. The Fantasy Fair was desolate, and something about it creeped me out. I was in a rush, but I had to stop to take a pic of this “social distanced” carousel. It touched my heart, I found it odd and I felt a sense of sadness looking at it. To me, it represented the past, the present, and what I see coming in our new pandemic norm.

I thought about my first time riding a carousel as a child, seeing it jammed packed with children, waiting for my turn. I remember carefully examining each horse, trying to decide which one looked the best, to ride. I thought about enjoying these outings with my mom and siblings.

I’ve found myself becoming even more cautious in public, and overthinking in instances that I usually wouldn’t. I’ve checked myself a few times on that. Now we’re back to the same vibe as last year, due to the new variant that’s been announced. There are folks that are overly cautious, folks who don’t seem at all to be concerned, and folks who are frustrated, annoyed and over it. There are activities that I was looking forward to doing, that may have to be put on hold. I try not to think about what I won’t be able to do, and continue to count my blessings.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

~Dawn Lovely

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