Who is Dawn Lovely?

In a Nut shell, I’m a Writer/Jazz Vocalist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Writing has always been an important part of who I am, and singing is my true passion. It’s the most comfortable and natural way for me to express my true self. Back in 2007, I self- published my first book of poetry and stories along with my cousin and writing partner titled, “THE CONVERSATION.” It was an ambitious attempt to get my feet wet in the literary world. The book was a challenge to write, and publish, but it confirmed my passion and dedication as a bona fide writer for life. I enjoy sharing my life experiences, which have not always been easy. I hope my blog will give you another point of view that will help, or inspire you. I will do my best to keep it Creative & Interesting for you to read…. Sincerely,~Dawn Lovely


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