(PT2)I’m😞Worried Too,☝🏼BUT…..


Before I left, I imparted words of encouragement on him, words that I had been telling myself:

Things may get WORSE, and very soon, but for now, these are just changes. It’s going to be different around here, but not completely. There will be some stores open to buy basic needs, even if it’s only two or three. It’s going to be okay, all you can do is stay aware, watch the news and relax.

This was all my intuition and common sense speaking, I have to protect my health from more than this virus. I was starting to get migraines that come when I worry, at the thought of figuring out what more to do. That was my warning to sign to relax.

I’m worried too but, I love the lessons that I’ve learned thus far. I am so blessed to have the food and I shelter I have as of now. All the food in this area is not going to run out over night. Folks are just in a panic and frenzy, I can’t let them throw me off my game. I’ve been through it before, fear can not take over my faith now.

All the while I am still worried, just eighty percent less than usual. That’s good enough for now, until the next step is announced.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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I’m😞Worried Too, BUT….

The first day of the store shut downs, I had a deep conversation with a local produce market owner about the pandemic. He was expressing how worried he was about the government enforced shut downs and how it’s going to affect his business. He explained that the border shut down puts his shop in jeapordy, and if things don’t change in a week, he’s in big trouble. He said, “What are we going to do??? All the stores are closed. How are we going to feed our families??? After next week if this doesn’t change, I don’t know what I’m going to do…” He was very emotional as he spoke of the street, which is most popular for it’s restaurants and shops. His eyes were full of fear, and I felt his pain.

It was five o’clock in the evening, and the lights were out for majority of the stores and restaurants on the street. It looked very weird, I had never seen this time of day so dead outside in my life. It felt unreal. I was worried too, as I carefully picked out my items, overthinking my tight budget. I chose to buy many bags of rice from him instead of the franchise store. I like to support small businesses, especially in these times. I visit his shop at least once a week, and I told him that I appreciate his store and his prices. His care for his customers, and fair prices is better than a franchise grocery store. I told him that as well and he smiled as he thanked me.

Although everything seems to be going haywire, I know I will be okay, because of what I have already overcame in my life. But I am still worried, I will admit.

I left him with some wise words of encouragement, that came from my intuition. I will continue in my next blog.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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Just Some Thoughts🤔:While We Keep Our😷Distance…..

There’s no way I could be bored in admist of the quarantine/chaos/calm this virus has brought to Toronto. Simply observing what’s been going with my fellow man amazes me. I feel as though I am in a movie, not reality. As I woke up this morning I forgot all about it, but after a few seconds passed, It hit me, Oh yaaaa thaaat! Then I sighed, feeling irritable.

Back in high school, I used imagine how it would be to live through a pandemic or plague of the past. Watching documentaries in history class had me fascinated. I couldn’t believe how they adapted to the situation, and they didn’t have the technology and freedoms that we have.

Last week in No Frills, a professionally dressed lady approached me asking if there actually was NO more toilet paper. We were standing in front of bare shelves. I understood her shock, but it surprised me that she looked so puzzled as to what to do next. I proceeded to let her know that a few dollar stores and markets up the road probably had some in stock. I knew that most folks in that area were only going to No Frills, which puzzled me. I was right, the few stores I went in had lots of toilet paper. The prices and sizes were actually fair, and no lines to stand in. Since we are supposed to be practicing social distancing, it was a safer way to go.

People were crammed in those long lines at No Frills like a can of sardines. I decided to take a risk and try a few independent stores. I assumed more people would do the same but, nope!

There was an influx of people headed towards the busy No Frills, I had a feeling majority were going in for bulk toilet paper at a “fair” price. I thought to myself, I guess people can’t get used to not buying certain products from different stores???

I don’t know what it is, but I feel fear is taking over basic common sense, and it’s bigger than toilet paper.

Take Care and Stay Safe, and Stay Tuned 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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Times of Panic and An Act of Kindness🙏🏼☺️…..

The other night I had a pleasant, quiet walk to the store last night, a perfect relaxed night for thinking. The weather was surprisingly not chilly, it was quite mild, almost warm enough to go without gloves. I felt at ease, relieved, and very enthusiastic to go for a walk. The streets were quieter than usual on a weekday night in this area. I felt slightly nervous because it felt looked more vacant than usual, but I liked it.

I was looking to purchase a few items, basic products that I assumed would be in stock. I’ve seen on the news that folks are stocking up on certain items, but I was in awe to see the shelves bare. This was one of several big franchise stores in this area, I had already visited one that was the same. I was flabbergasted. As I moved around the store quickly in search of the not-so-urgent items, I noticed a very elderly man laughing out loud, shaking his head. He was looking down at the dairy cooler very perturbed. I caught his eye walking by and he said, “There’s only ONE left!…. Do you want it?You can have it if you like ” I wasn’t sure what sure what item he was talking about about. I looked at the bottom shelf and it was pretty much bare, then I noticed one bag of two percent milk at the back. I don’t drink two percent dairy milk, that’s one item I actually did not need. I am an almond milk drinking gal, but the gesture of offering was very kind. For all we know they may be no milk ins rock for weeks. The elderly man, looked clearly over sixty- five, the age that is said to be most at risk still cared about my well-being. He displayed a certain politeness and old school chivalry, anyone could see he is from a different generation of values. I kindly Thanked him and jokingly responded that everything that I needed was out of stock, and fortunately milk was not one of those items.

I left the store feeling slightly annoyed, but had a sense of warmth and relief. The man’s kind gesture gave me a little more faith in humanity. As I briskly walked home, I thought about how important an act of fairness or kindness is, in times of fear or uncertainty.

The night was very calm, but I felt the frantic energy that was coming within the week. Most people will not be offering the last bag of ANYTHING, even if they truly want to share.

Take Care and please be safe.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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Sorry, No Negotiations🤐:I Know🧐Better!…..

I’m going to share a personal story with a very valuable lesson regarding protecting yourself. I have written about self preservation and boundaries in the past, it all ties into maintaining your mental health.

Years ago after my mother’s passing, I was forced to make a decision that I wish I didn’t have to make. I decided to stay away from people that I considered my loved ones. The last straw was an unprovoked confrontation that was literally brought to my door. It left me feeling violated, betrayed and dirty. I cried to my Aunt that I had NEVER in my life felt so disrespected. My uncle called it an “ambush” and told me there was no excuse for it, it was wrong PERIOD. He advised me to stay away, and added that we are in the “last days”….

I had a quick dream several months before the incident, but I kept it in my mind archives. I filed it away, like I do with any dreams that may be important. I dreamt that I looked out my door peep hole, and there I saw them standing. They came out of nowhere, giving no heads up, no phone call, no text no email. I knew this wasn’t good, they did not come with good intentions. I didn’t answer the door, then I woke up.

I didn’t need a dream to warn me though, I felt the malice from kilometers away. I made a very conscious decision to stay as far away from them as possible. I already made several attempts to have a rational conversation. Both sides had already said negative things about each other. We both felt we were in the right, but dealing with my mother’s passing in a healthy way was top priority. My feelings about them, or fighting was not important to me.

The evening that they showed up at my front door unannounced, I went against my basic common sense, my instincts, and my intuition. They don’t travel all the way down to my place just for the sake of a visit, but all of a sudden here you are.

I always trust my intuition, but this time I went against myself, to appease the group. It’s very difficult being a part of a group, a family that you didn’t sign up to be in. Your rank in the group has already been created for you, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. The best you can do is contribute what you can to the group, and try not to step on any toes. I felt I owed it to them to let them in my space. I felt that since we’re related, it would be rude and disrespectful to leave them in the hallway.

They really didn’t deserve to come in my house, they did not deserve for me to waste my breath talking to them. They came for a fight, simple as that, and I saw and felt the evil intent. I only knew they were angry and bothered, because they made it a point to confront me. They used the guise of a “family intervention”(to question what was MY problem) but it was actually an ambush. Many of my relatives told me that I was ambushed and it was extremely wrong and uncalled for. They were upset about this, and I felt extremely hurt, betrayed and violated. The fact that I was accosted in my own space, by my own, changed my trust and expectations of people from then on.

I heard through the grapevine that they want to attempt to have a “meet up” to talk. My answer is, NO. There are no negotiations when it comes to my safety. If you will get in my face, threaten me or try to put your hands on me simply because I don’t agree with your actions, I don’t need to be around you!!! I don’t care if we are related or not. Some people are simply, who they are. They only need you around to feed off your energy, or to validate them. By validate, I mean helping them feel like they are not that bad. I never stated anybody was bad, but by me choosing to consistently keep my distance, made them feel bad.

It’s been about seven years since this happened, the incident scarred me, but I understand why it happened. I still feel uncomfortable writing about this, and I have been vague with some details out of respect for them.

I have more to share, stay tuned for my next post.

Good night:)

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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Just Some Thoughts:About That Dream&Time🤔💭⌛…..

I woke up from a long dream that seemed to not have much importance, until the very end. I can’t even recall the exact details, but before I awoke, my mother was telling me to do something important. I can’t remember what it was, but I forgot to do it, and she was reminding me. I was very attentive and focused on her words, but unfortunately, I woke up and it was over.

A feeling of loss and confusion hits me like a ton of bricks. I can’t move, I can’t get up until my mind clears, then there’s a moment of despair. I’m not there, and she’s not here, I even forget where I am. I tried so hard to remember what she was telling me to do, I was straining my mind to remember. I felt sad and disappointed, as though I had failed her or myself…..

When I wake up from random dreams about my mother, it always takes some time to snap back into reality. I know many people can relate after the loss of a loved one. No matter how many years have gone by, I wonder what it would be like to do the simplest things with her. I never had the chance to take her out to lunch, on me. I never had the chance to make her a cup of tea in my own apartment. The dream reminded me that time, the time I yearn for, will never happen, and that’s okay.

I must admit that I’m working through my issues with time. It’s a battle within myself, always feeling rushed or behind. What I think I’ve missed out on, wasn’t meant to be, and that’s okay too.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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(Weeping PT 2) 😢😞He Told Me That He Couldn’t Cry…..

One of the most sad and troubling statements I have ever heard, is when he told me that he couldn’t cry…..

It was a long time ago, and we had just started getting to know each other. I will never forget the day, we had our first conversation about our childhoods and pain. He told me that he doesn’t have the ability to cry anymore. He told me that when feels to cry, he feels sad, but tears don’t come out… I couldn’t imagine what that would feel like. I was looking him directly in his eyes, analyzing him. I immediately looked at him differently after hearing that, I understood him more. The look in his eyes made sense to me now. He looked defeated by his true feelings, as if he had given up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to repair him, but I also knew he truly trusted me.

I had never been to a funeral, and never experienced a close friend or family death. When he spoke about losing his father so suddenly and abruptly, it truly touched me soul. One of my biggest fears in life. I could not imagine losing a parent, especially at that age for them and I. He felt that he had to be strong for his mother, and his siblings, as though it was his responsibility. He showed me a few photos of him after his father’s death, he looked sullen, thin, and extremely stressed out. In a moment, I 100 percent understood his place in his family, and the damage that his mother inflicted on his spirit.

I thought, WOW. I thought I was damaged..I guess I wasn’t as damaged as him, I could still cry…my tears were able to flow effortlessly.

I felt sorry for him. It’s one of the most heartbreaking things I had ever heard. We bonded over our pain in a moment, which is sad in itself but beautiful at the same time.

Stay tuned for my next post.

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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