(Cont’d)Am I The Right Fit🤨???….


Damn, I know I’m qualified but I’m most likely not going to be the right fit…..I dunno …..I hope I’m on time!

Okay, I’m not late, I got about ten minutes. Thanks bus driver, for actually answering my question, and dropping me off at the exact street. That saved me time, I know where I am now… there it is!

This place definitely looks different than I expected. I didn’t see anybody as I walked in, there was a long lunch table and no receptionist. So, this place isn’t as posh as I assumed it would be, the decor was dated. The contrast compared to my old office was night and day. I turned the corner to a wide open space and a handful of women sitting at desks spread out. I waved and said Hello to the group, as a friendly young woman approached me and introduced herself. She was the person who interviewed and had been corresponding with me. She was pleasant, and not in a fake way, which was a relief. Whew. The vibe is okay, but I try to be as low key as possible when entering a new work environment. I didn’t look too hard at anything or anybody, then I heard somebody yell out, “She’s wearing stir ups!!! Remember those!!? Don’t those bring you back to high school days?!!” I looked down at my pants feeling slightly shy, I didn’t want the unnecessary attention being that I am brand new. The dress pants I was wearing, were actually dress pants, but had the “foot band” elastic thingy. The style is 80’s inspired, and other women have pointed them out before asking where I purchased them. It was a compliment, and that’s cool, but I was definitely not trying to have my clothes be the focus. In a casual dress code office environment, I make a conscious effort to be covered and not “flashy”. Opinions about appearance are not important to me, but it can be very annoying when others focus on it more than I do. I was trying to lay as low as possible until everyone was introduced. Maybe I’m thinking too much??? Or maybe I’m at a point in my life where fitting in at work truly means absolutely nothing to me. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that no amount of money can replace the time that I may have to waste pretending.

Okay, I was just called in, it’s time to meet the Director of Operations. I’m ready, not nervous, and I’m going to be myself. Within five minutes I will know if I am meant to continue the conversation. We’ll see how this goes!

Stay tuned for the conclusion. Good night & Good Sleep!

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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Learning to Forgive&Let Go…..

I’m sure you’ve heard before that it is healthy to forgive in order to move forward in life. Holding a grudge wastes a lot of energy, it’s emotionally draining. I used to be a champ at holding a grudge. I didn’t realize that by holding a grudge, I was feeding that grudge, which in turn was eating away at my soul…..

The part of the forgiveness that I’ve struggled with is, letting go. It was difficult for me, especially in my teenage years. I felt if I let go, then I would be forgetting what was done to me, and why it hurt me…..in a way, I held on in defence. I was very, very wrong. You can forgive, but you don’t have to forget, and you don’t have to dwell or hold a grudge either. I wish I would’ve exercised this earlier on in my life. I wasted years being angry inside that anger was affecting me in various ways, it was stifling me…..

Years ago I  watched  a TV program where a family of  a relative who was a murder victim  of a senseless act of  violence, publicly forgave the criminal convicted of taking the life of their loved one. A mother who lost her son due to a robbery that turned violent, chose to confront and speak to the convicted young man doing life in prison. I found this compelling. Listening to the mother stirred up all types of thoughts and emotions in me. Her words struck a chord in me. I couldn’t imagine speaking face to face with the one who took my loved one, and forgiving them face to face for that matter…..

I will never forget that program because it showed me another level of forgiveness that I had never thought about. It caused me to question myself on why I still had issues with releasing the last traces of anger left in me so I could at least speak to a person, to tell them, “I forgive you.” Forgiving a person who you know, who is close to you, can be difficult to do because seeing their face on a daily basis can be a constant reminder of disappointment. It would be impossible to completely forget what was done to you. The memory may never leave you. That being said, drawing up a new set of boundaries, and maintaining them, will help you move forward. Forgiving a person does not guarantee they will appreciate your forgiveness or even treat you better. Boundaries protect you from any further damage or disappointment. I will forgive and proceed with caution…..


~Dawn Lovely

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