Just Some Thoughts🤔: The Daddy Issue Part 2 💔 🤷🏾‍♀️👨🏽❔……

Sorry for the delay, and for the “dabby” typo in my last post! I’m usually up writing at wee hours in the morning and that one SLIPPED me:/! I really meant daddy…Continuing from where I left off….It’s not easy explaining this, as simple as it should be, it’s quite complex and confusing. I understand that a Daddy issue, can be any issue, or even expectation, good or bad that a woman may have tied to her relationship with her father. The angle I’m taking is slightly different than the Daddy Issue term that gets thrown around. Based upon my life experience thus far, I realized how much mixed messages I received and took on. So many of daddy’s issues I felt responsible for, ones he shared with me, thus aging my mind and soul. I always felt as though I was five going on fifty, understanding an adult’s issues oh too well, feeling as though I was the gatekeeper for his secrets and flaws. I truly felt responsible for his pain, and I never really knew why. All I knew is that, I believed his every word, trusted and adhered to his instructions on what not to do, the bad things that he said he did that destroyed him inside. I listened as though I was a university student at a lecture. He wasn’t around all the time, so I figured this was important to him, I’d better listen! I showed him the respect that he deserved, yet with a child’s mind thinking, CAN I GO PLAY NOW??? Lol

I’ll continue in my next post.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

~Dawn Lovely

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Just Some Thoughts🤔:They Don’t Like You, They’re Just “Used” To You…..

Had I went with your agenda, maybe you wouldn’t have attacked me, or “came for me” and maybe we’d be hanging out right now. Maybe you would still “like” me and would call me, just to talk about nothing. Had I not listened to my gut, Lord knows you could have baited me into a fight. I would’ve ended up blaming myself for putting myself in a vulnerable position, because simply being around you is a hazard for me. I know you don’t really like me, and I really don’t know why, but it really is not my problem. I don’t say much to you, I don’t put you down or judge you. I’ve never laid a hand on you. I never had a desire to fight you, I would agree with you just to keep the peace. Some people have told me that you are jealous of me, but I never thought that. They told me that I can not see it, but they can, from the outside looking in. That thought never crossed my mind, especially because I looked up to you. I admired you and I learned a lot from you, I looked to you as a role model. It confused me that you could not, or did not want to see that. You can give your best and try to do your best by those you love or claim to love you, but it doesn’t guarantee that they will reciprocate. I can’t help but express my disappointment. Now that I am older, I exercise my right to keep my distance from anyone that my instincts tell me is no good for me. They say you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends and people you choose to associate with.

The folks you think should care the most about you, because you were born into a group with them, simply may not like you. They are just used to knowing you, which means they are tolerating you. I know this sounds very negative, but it’s the truth. For self preservation it’s best to keep your distance. That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post.

Good Morning or Good Night 🙂


Dawn Lovely

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About “Unfriending”….

A tweet by a friend caught my eye about being “unfriended” on social media. It said something to the tune of, “If a person unfriends you, it means they REALLY don’t “f#$&” with you” and this got me to thinking…..

First off, if we have contact with people in the real world, then social media should only be a SECOND means of communication. Unfortunately social media has become the new medium for socializing, in our daily lives, replacing phone calls and even texting. I’m still not on board with that.

Back in the day when social media was still a new thing, my peers pressured me into getting a Facebook account. They were so excited to reunite with former classmates. I finally gave in and joined, with little enthusiasm, until I started using it. I thought it was pretty cool! But had my reservations. It was weird that people who were not my friend, in high school were sending me repeat friend requests. I treated it as I would in real life, I ignored their request. I didn’t think much of it, it was cyberspace to me, those people couldn’t have cared that much right?

These platforms were fun to use, exciting at the beginning. Social media politics, and “friending” politics were not an issue to me. I didn’t take “unfriending” someone seriously when I first started using social media. Many of my “friends” were people whom I’ve never met, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have noticed if I unfriended them. I thought the purpose of unfriending, was to stop seeing posts on your timeline, that you’d rather not see. With all the random people, unknowns and possible trolls, I considered it asinine. Unfriending, Profiles, and Posts are not people! My friends and loved ones don’t even have to follow me if they didn’t want to. As long as our real life relationship is in tact, I’m okay.

Think twice about the value you place on others, especially friends and family RE social media. Equating your Real relationship, to your social media “likes” from them will never balance out.


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