I’m Here&Clear, Happy New Year!🎉🙏❤️…..

This time of year I reflect on what I am most thankful for, everyday things that most take for granted. A clean safe space, a warm bed, and a full stomach are more important than celebration or parties. The weather has been decent, bearable and NO heavy snow! First off, I am very Thankful for that. We’ve been having above zero temperatures, which is amazing for this time of year. Being able to navigate the city on foot, without the worry of catching frostbite, is a relief. The temperature will drop indeed, but I appreciate what it’s been thus far.

It’s been over a month since I posted on social media, and I didn’t exactly celebrate the holidays, but took the time to reflect. I’ve been in a quiet space with minimal noise or distraction, it’s the medicine I needed after November’s events. I do enjoy the company of family during the holidays, but I needed solo time. The holiday season going into the New Year is the best time to reflect. I always keep in mind that there are many out there who barely have the basics. I have been one of those children who grew up at one point having a TV style perfect Christmas. I have also spent Christmas in a completely different situation. I remember as a little girl our God mother bringing us professionally wrapped presents. They were placed under the tree in the Women’s shelter we lived in. This tree that had a minimal amount of gifts under it. Looking back, I question if that tree was only put up for decorative purposes. The only gifts I remember seeing under it were ours. I felt a little sad and a sense of guilt knowing the other children who resided there would probably not receive anything.

I understood that we were blessed, regardless of our misfortunes. Moving forward into 2020, I walk with that thought. There is so much more I plan on sharing with you this year. Thank you for taking me in:)

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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It’s a New Year! I’m back…..

My favourite place to be on New Year’s Eve is at home safe and sound. I’m satisfied simply watching a movie, surrounded by loved ones, or by myself. Happy to have got through another year, I’m in one piece, and as healthy as I can be. A year ago today, I was recovering from an accident that left my face battered, cut, swollen, and scrapped. I had a broken nose to boot, and all I could do is apply ice to my face, rest and hope for the best…..

Hi! Happy Belated New Year, I hope that your year is off to a productive start. I have neglected my blog which I feel guilty about, but I’m ALWAYS writing and creating. There’s another side to my writing that I have not mentioned on my blog before, my music. I’m a singer, always been, but haven’t shared my work online with the public because it wasn’t the time. Now I’m ready to open up and share more of me. I’ve been writing, re-writing, composing with a pianist, and trying to keep my vocals warm in this chilly weather. It feels good to work on what I’m truly passionate about.

Last year ended on a good note, and I had to accept that, instead of focusing on the”bad” things that happened. It didn’t tarnish all that I accomplished in 2018. I was and am still trying to find my place here in Toronto, literally and figuratively, but I had to change my approach. I was inspired through a conversation with a tipsy co-worker at an office Christmas dinner. With a sober ear, he told me not to worry about finding a place in the city, as he was in the same predicament. He said to simply keep an eye out, but don’t worry about it, something will come along. I took his advice, I decided to stop sweating it.

A new job, new commute, office relocation, and major unexpected negative changes to my living environment put me to the test. I didn’t expect life to throw me so many positive and negative changes all at once. Improving at adjusting and adapting to curve balls and changes without worry, pretty much sums up 2018. I think I’m off to pretty good start, and I hope you are too!


~Dawn Lovely

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