I Wonder About The Elderly (As We Keep Our Distance)👴🏼😷💭…..

Recently I had an encounter with a stranger in a fruit market that left an impression on me. An older gentleman approached me at the counter as I was paying for my items. It totally threw me off that he came up to the counter, since we are supposed to be “social distancing”. He was ranting, repeating, “Señora!! I am poor, I need help, no money! I am poor! I am poor!!! Please Señora!!!”
He caught me off guard, I turned my head to look at him. He was sweating and sounded out of breath. He looked as though he had ran for miles before coming in the store. I was annoyed and slightly agitated, because he was interrupting my transaction. I looked directly at the cashier expecting them to tell the man to leave, because he was very disruptive, but nope. His hyper, frantic loud energy really killed my peaceful vibe, and although I was annoyed, I cared to hear what he was trying to tell me. He had a hand full of change with a few loonies, and perched on the counter a carton of eggs. I guess he didn’t have enough to pay for the eggs, and I felt bad for him. Regardless of how annoying and rude I thought he was, I could see he was desperate, or maybe he had some sort of mental issue. You never know in the city, and I try not to judge a book by it’s cover.
As I completed my transaction, I looked in my wallet to see how much I was able to spare, as I spoke him. I dropped a loonie in his hand and he began to examine it. I realized that it didn’t have a graphics or writing on it and maybe he was wondering if it was real. He was quickly counting up his money, and he did not say Thank you. I usually would have commented on the lack of manners, but I was fixated on his actions. I felt compassion for him, he was simply trying to buy some eggs. The grocery prices are going up since this pandemic hit, and many can not afford the basics. The privately owned business are even more expensive than a franchise store, but the more intimidating to enter.
As I walked home I thought about how the elderly are adapting, considering how quickly everything is changing. I thought about the fact that overnight your local store may be too expensive. I imagined being elderly in this neighborhood. I thought about the fact that he may have been just dollar shy of the price, and freaked out. I thought how the government is not looking out for our elderly it should be. Everybody should be able to afford groceries, and at least the basics in this country, especially the retired elderly.

That encounter helped me realize that we must all look out for one another, especially the most vulnerable.
This has been a difficult time for everyone, and it’s not going to get any easier. I am out here trying to survive as well but giving a little can’t hurt. I am willing to go without  to be able to help another in need, especially the vulnerable. It makes me sad that I can not help more.

Take Care, Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

Love and Respect,

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