The Importance of Structure & Daily Priorities­čôŁ…..

Continuing from my last blog…

I was saying that one of the most important life lessons that my mother instilled in me, is to live by a daily with a structure, and to have boundaries. My mother lead by example, and showed me how daily priorities are always the TOP priority, no matter what. She woke up early every morning to cook us breakfast and to prepare tea, or some type of hot drink. Even when food was short, she would prepare us dumplings (that tasted awesome with margarine and jam) and make enough to feed a village. Socializing, watching TV, and idle time comes second. Have you ever heard that saying, “Idle dog worry sheep” it’s an old saying that Jamaican’s say. There is too much to do in a day to be idle, wasting time wandering around can only lead to problems. I couldn’t blurt out “I’m bored….” because I may get the unasked for response, “Go read a book!”

Daily priorities aren’t “chores”, they are as important as breathing or walking. Without them, a normal day could become the most chaotic day of your life. I came up with the anology that they are simply equivalent to a VIP guest, that you must tend to everyday.

Your space should be your sanctuary, regardless of how big or small it is, or what you have. Growing up with many siblings and being a twin, I didn’t have much control over my home environment, and it really frustrated me at times. I shared a room with my twin for many years, and as different as we were, we agreed on how our room should function. We rearranged our room every so often, and we treated it as though we were interior designers. We kept our room clean and organized, and took pride in our space. I enjoyed sharing my space with my sister, but it was cool when I finally had my own room. Creating my own sense of comfort in my own space was liberating, that’s why I didn’t mind moving out alone on my own. I’m a “home body” and I enjoy the comfort of being in my own space. I enjoy my privacy, I protect my privacy essentially to protect my health, and of course my mental health. That is what it all boils down to.

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Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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­čî╣The Day After Mother’s Day…..

Forgive me, for this post is delayed….

I intended on posting this the day after Mother’s Day, but I didn’t, because my heart was too full in a good and sad way.

Every year is different, and I didn’t know how I’d feel this year. I try not to take holidays seriously in general, so I didn’t think I’d be affected. I chose not to participate in the family’s Mother’s Day gathering because I felt as though I had no reason to be there. As negative as that sounds, I truly felt that way. My closest bestie cousin told me that everyone missed me, and was asking about me. That was surprising, because I’m always around, I just wasn’t up for it. They couldn’t understand how I feel, and I expect that, it’s been this way since she passed away. I admitted to myself that the things that haven’ t been settled or completed yet, make me feel sad and disappointed. It takes away from the comforting memories that float through my mind. I thought about what the most important lessons I learned from her, and how much I miss having a regular conversation with her. I thought about how much I’ve grown and I understand even more the reasons behind certain lessons. Her strict methods and explanations have never left me.

One of her most important lessons, if not thee most important lesson that she taught by example, is establishing a daily routine, having structure and boundaries. It has helped me navigate through rough and trying times. It has protected me from the stresses of this world, like a shield. I don’t know where I’d be without it, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

I have much more to say RE routine, structure and boundaries in life, but I have to go sleep now. Good night and Good morning­čśŐ, catch you in my next blog!

Love &Respect,

Dawn Lovely

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