(Conclusion)It Would’ve Happened Regardless☹️…..

The news does always know the facts or post the facts. Social Media and “hear say” is where we usually get the real story when these situations occur. A social media post by family confirmed that the young man did not pass away. He is hospitalized and in critical condition. The conflict that caused the incident was unnecessary, and this is the BIGGEST problem with “us”. Apparently the suspect did not even know the victim, so it wasn’t personal.

My cousin and I had a discussion about this, as we reminisced about the time we were almost trampled in a crowd at Toronto beaches. Folks were terrified because they thought gunshots went off, but I later found out that it was actually over an altercation involving a bottle being thrown. The crowd was massive composed of Canadians and American visitors spanning across the beach sands. I only attended the festival to support my older sister who was a rap artist opening up for the famous acts. I’ll tell that story in another blog, but it was a very scary experience that changed my outlook on attending certain types of events.

Unfortunately, I am reluctant to be around the people who I am supposed to be comfortable around. I am not the only one who feels that way, and it’s a shame that I don’t think that it’s going to change.

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It Would’ve Happened Regardless😒…..

I didn’t want to write about this topic because it deeply upsets me for many reasons. I am tired of the senseless violence that erupts at what are supposed to be “fun” events. If you’re from Toronto, I’m sure you heard about the tragic stabbing at Woodbine mall in Rexdale.

The so-called “ghetto” area where a young man lost his life outside at a music event, actually looks like this:

I took the first two photos yesterday, and the day before yesterday. I wanted to show the yearly circus that they are setting up, and the way the parking lot usually looks on a regular day. The last photo is of a Cuban band that comes every year and performs fantastic live music inside of the mall. I always have a chat with them, as they are very friendly.

I reside near by, so I do the majority of my shopping there. The environment can be hectic and annoying at times, because this mall is famous for the indoor “Fantasy Fair”, Ontario’s largest amusement Park. The mall is usually packed with families and small children, and you will often hear kiddie show music as you enter. On a weekend there may even be a dog or magic show. There are (cultural)music festivals/concerts held inside and outside the mall every year. I have chosen not to attend any of the events/ concerts but I do enjoy the music from afar. I’m not one for large crowds, especially at music events. I have experienced being caught up in the typical chaos that tends to happen, a fight, a stabbing, or gunshots. It’s sad to say that I’m a pretty fearless person, but I do not trust these events because I know some in attendance are not there to have fun. There will always be the ones who come to find a person they have “beef” with or to simply cause trouble. This is the norm now and it is not normal to me. I had just walked home from the mall after doing a little shopping. Hours later I received that text and wasn’t that surprised. My friend texted me that there was a “shoot out” and “I will never. Ever. In my life do that s*** again.” I was very disappointed and literally shook my head. Ironically hours before, I had just had spoke with a few girls who were going to the festival. I asked them who was playing. They said that they did not know and we all laughed because none of us did. They said that they were just “going”, and I told them to have a good time as I walked away. I guarantee they did not expect a man to die.

I read about this online, and many blame the location of this year’s festival on the violence, which is absolutely absurd. I heard the story from my friend who witnessed the whole incident, and actually saw the young man injured and bleeding out. She said that security wasn’t very good, and this would’ve happened happened regardless of the location. I agree. SMH.

I will continue in my next blog.

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So…..WHY Do We Do This???

I thought it was a rumor, I didn’t look long enough to confirm if it was. I googled his name and nothing significant came up, so I left my computer and went about my business. As I walked up the stairs to leave, my aunt yelled to me, that he had been shot AND killed…

The internet is odd to me when it comes to violent acts, people lying and making up stories for attention is a norm nowadays. I don’t believe everything I hear, so I didn’t believe that anything really happened to this young man until it was confirmed. I was very upset and and felt drained at that moment. I felt sorrow, disappointment, and anger. The first thought that came to my mind was, he is so young, and didn’t get to finish his course, and what are the people going to do without him?!! What are his children and woman going to do without him?? More children left without a father, who was ACTUALLY taking care of them, AND his community. Who else has the strength and courage to build and help others the way he did???

The reason I originally started following him and taking in his music, was because of his attitude and build- it-on- your own mentality. As I received text messages about it, I couldn’t express how annoyed I was. Although I do not know him, and know he was not perfect, I still felt he deserved to at least live until forty. Who knows how much more he could’ve done and learned…

There’s something else I need to add, that’s been bothering me RE death and the internet’s manner of dealing with it. Celebrity or not, if we claim to love and admire this person so much, why would you post such a gruesome scene of their last living moments??? Do you think that HE would post the same of you if the roles were reversed??! If your relative died in violent manner caught on camera, would you want to see a video of them layed out on the ground, fighting for their life??? Of course not!!! Getting over the initial shock of them dying is difficult enough, so is a visual necessary??? Do we need to see everything?!! NO. OF COURSE NOT!

But I guess that comes along with the price of fame, everything is open for the public. I feel as though we the people, need not want to see all the details, it’s unnecessary. Famous or not, we can help with “well wishes and prayers” or just do the fair thing, that you’d want done for you or your family if you were in that tragic situation.

I don’t feel the need to post the name of who I’m talking about, I’m sure the majority of you figured it out.

I hope you get the rest you need, you accomplished much in your thirty-three years. I appreciate your lessons and encouragement and of course, your quality music.

Good Night.


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