What’s the Rush??? Part 1…..

I was in the grocery store waiting in the checkout line close to closing time, when a young man with one item stepped in line (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme lol). I had a lot more items than him, so I told him that he could go in front of me, he was surprised and asked me if I was sure. Before he stepped ahead the cashier was in the process of completing a transaction, a return or exchange which was taking a while, a looong while ….I waited patiently, then I began to think about leaving the store, walking home, and what I was going to make for dinner…I thought about how much time was going by, although I wasn’t exactly in a rush. Since I’ve been staying in this new town, I’ve noticed the slow, laid-back pace and became accustomed to it…My mind drifted more and more, I noticed the young man becoming restless, we didn’t anticipate the wait would be this long. When I invited him to step in front of me, I was trying to save him time ironically…Then this thought came to mind, What’s the rush??? Why in our society are we always in a rush?…..

I remember back in high school days working at the Deli counter, and having to diffuse and mediate arguments between customers claiming they were next in line. I found it ironic that the argument lasted longer than the amount of time it took actually serve BOTH customers! Absolutely ridiculous, the customers wasted more time trying to be first and also wasted my energy…..Smh…..I find it absurd when folks become agitated over long lines/slow moving lines, it’s something you have no control over in life, so why let it get to you??? I’ve used this premise to remind myself NOT to rush for rushing’s sake. Rushing causes more problems than waiting out the wait. I’ve had a few minor accidents and silly mishaps as a result of rushing. I remember poking myself in the eye with a tweezers, and having to go to a job interview with a blood-shot eye as a result of rushing. I felt stupid, and it wasn’t because of the way I “looked” either…..

I recently had a MAJOR  accident, the first one I’ve ever had in my life. I fell down a flight of stairs, and literally fell on my face. I went to the “emergency room” for the first time in my life.  I didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, however I did severely hurt my nose, cut and bruise my face and legs. I received stitches and the throbbing pain I endured from my face lasted longer than a week. Lacerations and heavy swelling due to my black eyes, is something I’ve never experienced. The physical pain was nothing compared to the mark it put on my spirit…..As my cuts and bruises heal up, I await to see the doctor regarding the status of my nose injury. My injuries have practically disappeared to the eye, even my pre-scars aren’t that bad…..

I fell due to the fact that I was RUSHING, and didn’t fall due to “clumsiness”, but pushing myself waaay too hard…..I blacked-out before my fall…I don’t even remember falling….

I learned my most VALUABLE lesson of the year before 2016 ended, it’s one I will never forget as long as I have my memory. Stay tuned for part 2, and “Happy” New Year 🙂


~Dawn Lovely

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Rush??? Part 1…..

  1. Firstly, so sorry about the accident. I’m glad you’re healing.

    Secondly I would like to comment how wonderfully this piece is written. I love the way you began and eased into your topic.

    Last but certainly not least, this is a very important life lesson that I think many of us tend to forget. We are so wrapped up in our busy capitalist lives. Great blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate the care Stella 🙂
      That compliment means a lot to me, I try to keep my blogs interesting. This lesson is very important, I hope many take away from it what you did!


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