What’s the Rush??? Part 2…..

Continuing …..

First off, Happy New Year 🙂 it’s the second week of 2017, and I’m happy to be alive. I’m almost completely healed up. I rested as much as possible, in order to heal up as quickly as possible, but I wasn’t rushing ;). I didn’t know that a part of the “proper” healing process for bruising specifically, is allowing the  body to rest, so I complied…..

I was reluctant to explain how and why I fell because I felt a tad embarrassed, and disappointed in myself. I felt I could’ve prevented it. I’ve played the last moments before I fell in my head over and over again…I reflected on what I should’ve done, I shouldn’t have tried to walk when I was feeling light-headed, I should’ve crouched down or sat because I wasn’t feeling right, I shouldn’t have been rushing…..I had a long day, was up early packing, it was the start of X-mas holidays, after finally returned home after three months, I was preparing to get my life back to normal and feel settled. I was rushing to settle in which I know, doesn’t make sense…..

I don’t remember falling because I blacked out, I woke up at the bottom of the stairs, feeling like I had a peaceful short dream. My neighbour was lightly shaking my arm asking me if I was okay, she witnessed the entire fall down the full flight of stairs. I immediately got up, shocked and embarrassed, feeling terrible for traumatizing my neighbour. I told her, I can’t believe I did that in front of you! She was very calm and understanding, and was making sure I was okay. I was in pain, and after looking in the mirror, I was horrified at the damage that was done to my face. My nose bridge looked clearly crooked, the deep cuts were bleeding down my face , I had several abrasions and bruises under my eyes. I didn’t even pay attention to the soreness of my legs. I was in shock, I had never seen my face look that way before, I knew I had to go to the emergency room. I REALLY didn’t want to go, I don’t like hospitals, I avoid them at all cost. My neighbour called a taxi,as her husband came rushing down the stairs to see what had happened. I felt awful for including her in this, she was coming with me. I didn’t want her to feel obligated to help me, and I thought to myself,”This is the holidays! This is NOT the time for this! Now I’m burdening my neighbour! Why did I do this to myself???.”……….

As I said in my last blog, I learned my most VALUABLE lesson of the year before 2016 ended, and it’s one I will never forget. I’ll conclude the story in my next blog, stay tuned…



~Dawn Lovely

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