What’s the Rush??? Part 2…..

Dawn Lovely says..................

Continuing …..

First off, Happy New Year 🙂 it’s the second week of 2017, and I’m happy to be alive. I’m almost completely healed up. I rested as much as possible, in order to heal up as quickly as possible, but I wasn’t rushing ;). I didn’t know that a part of the “proper” healing process for bruising specifically, is allowing the  body to rest, so I complied…..

I was reluctant to explain how and why I fell because I felt a tad embarrassed, and disappointed in myself. I felt I could’ve prevented it. I’ve played the last moments before I fell in my head over and over again…I reflected on what I should’ve done, I shouldn’t have tried to walk when I was feeling light-headed, I should’ve crouched down or sat because I wasn’t feeling right, I shouldn’t have been rushing…..I had a long day, was up early…

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