Appreciating “Bad” Dreams PT 1…..

I’ve  grown to love my dreams, and appreciate my nightmares. I’m sure to look into my dreams and nightmares regardless of how they make me feel. Being that I’m a writer, I sleep with my notepad by my head, so I can grab for it if I ever have any thoughts to jot down. Sometimes when I’m extremely tired, stressed out, or had a scary  dream, I forget my dream upon waking up. This frustrates me and I close my eyes and try to focus to remember what I saw in my dream, then tell myself, if it was that important, I’d remember what it was…..

My worst dreams, the ones that have me waking up in a tizzy, hoping that it WAS just a dream, have the most significance and meaning to my life. I treat those dreams with high priority, they help me to better understand myself, improve, get past challenges that are holding me back from moving forward. As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed I have fewer dreams that I consider “bad” because I view them in a different light. I tap into those dreams , recalling “who” or what I saw that bothered me…The discomfort I feel, I use as a driving force to  encourage myself to fully acknowledge/analyze WHY  I had that dream, and the reason I feel the way I do…I’ll continue in my next blog.


~Dawn Lovely

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