Appreciating “Bad” Dreams Part 2…..

Continuing from where I left off…..

The  discomfort my bad dreams cause me, pushes me to get to the root of the reason I had that dream, and why it affected me. I’ve starting off my morning replaying the scene from my dream over and over again, reminding myself that the dream wasn’t REAL. I try not to allow it to ruin my day, but I end up distracted and preoccupied with it…The only solution is tapping into those dreams, and reading up  on unusual symbols that may have a deeper meaning. Whatever it is that my subconscious has brought to the surface, I confront head on, and research like a project….

I had an incredibly frustrating dream the other night, it wasn’t a scary dream, but bad nonetheless:

There was a very large ostrich that I was taking care of, and I didn’t know what to do with it, it was ENORMOUS and very difficult to control. The ostrich was not mine, it belonged to my siblings, and we were living back at the house  we grew up in. I took responsibility of the ostrich, I don’t know why, ( I guess in the dream he was being neglected) but I was stressed out and at my wits end. I was attempting to transport the ostrich downstairs, so I could feed him and tend to his needs, but he was rambunctious, and I couldn’t handle him. There wasn’t anybody around to ask for help,so I had to figure out myself…..Eventually I made my way downstairs with the ostrich in a tub with a cover over it, worrying that he would suffocate. I finally reached my destination,  and saw a few of my siblings gathered in the kitchen, so I abruptly yelled, “Can you PLEASE help me??!!! I need to feed him too! He’s going to run all over!” but they ignored my plea. I took the cover off of the tub, and was horrified to see the ostrich had shrunk! He was skinny and looked very malnourished…I felt awful, that was exactly what I was trying to prevent, he looked as though he was clinging to life! I screamed, “SEE? Look what happened!!!!”…..

I woke up annoyed, frustrated and a little upset, and as I went about my regular morning routine, the dream popped into my head. My family’s house, my siblings  and the ostrich. I quickly wrote down what I could remember, and the first symbol I looked into was the ostrich, surprisingly it came up quick in the dream dictionary. Much to my surprise, the ostrich has a very powerful meaning, I never would have guessed! It’s a symbol of “Truth and Justice” and that explains why I was very protective over it in the dream. It related to how I’ve felt  in my family. Me having to take on a big  family related responsibility, a crucial responsibility, without support or cooperation…Not being listened to, and a terrible outcome as a result, which I’ve spoke about in my other blogs…..

I hope my sharing this odd dream helps you in some way. This is one of MANY odd “bad”dreams that I’ve had in the last few months due to the unfortunate chain of events. I do appreciate those dreams though, and I’m always fascinated with what I discover about myself. I feel better in the end too.


~Dawn Lovely

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