August&My Summer Sadness…..

I can’t believe it’s August already. My mother’s passing anniversary is fast approaching and that “feeling” is starting to come over me, the feeling that August brings, every year…..The overcast masks the sun, it doesn’t look or feel like summer most days, but it’s beautiful nonetheless, especially at midday… I can’t help but stop and stare at the sky from the balcony everyday, the  view is lovely. I get lost in the large pond surrounded by greenery that accents it perfectly….I look at it everyday… helps to distract me from my sadness, I forget my problems, whatever’s weighing on my mind…

It’s still difficult for me to allow myself to feel sad, to first off, accept that I am sad, and allow myself to go through the emotion, instead of denying or suppressing it. I sometimes weep without cause, and I still have trouble admitting to myself that I have a problem with this. When August arrives, I’m forced to deal with it, I can’t escape the summer sadness….Not having closure regarding the aftermath of my mothers death has made August represent a negative time of the year, when it used to represent my favourite summer month. August used to mean the end of summer camp, time to go home to my warm bed, and prepare for back to school….it used to mean the summer month with the best weather, the most fun activities, it used to mean my mother’s birthday month, instead of the day her passing….August is not the cause of my sadness, it’s just a month in the year, but I’m still on my quest for closure, and before August ends I will bring myself to be at peace again with it, I will conquer my demons, finally.

To be continued…..


~Dawn Lovely

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2 thoughts on “August&My Summer Sadness…..

  1. Sharing this is very brave of you. I can only imagine how difficult this must be. It is easy for people to say “just get over it” without truly understanding how the loss of a mother can alter one’s life. I applaud you for being truthful to yourself, because yhe first step to healing is acknowledging that you are still in pain…

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