PT 2, August&My Summer Sadness…..

Picking up from where I left off:

Before August ends I will bring myself to be at peace again with it, I will conquer my demons, finally…..

There are belongings of my mother’s that are very sentimental to me but I know mean much more to others. I’ve reached out to certain relatives who were very close to her, that shared common interests with her, to give them items like books and music. She had such a vast music and book collection that I always admired, and I remember asking her to borrow albums especially older music, classic albums from artists that my generation wasn’t familiar with. She didn’t mind, she was kind that way, I really loved that about her. She was a music lover to the tee, and had a very eclectic taste that was culturally diverse. I cherished her music collection, and I learned to love and appreciate music from all over the world because of her…..Going through and sharing her collection, hearing memories attached to a particular song makes me happy. It was fun reminiscing with my Auntie about the way she danced so well, or her favourite songs she’s play on repeat. I’m happy to give them away.

I also found peace and closure in another place, a very surprising and unexpected place, or I should say person…my father. I’ve grown closer to my father since my mother’s passing, although we’ve only talked on the phone. I hear my mother’s phrases, lessons, diction when he’s giving me advice…It’s quite astounding to me, I forgot how much alike they are. It’s comforting, and I feel actually feel protected…The way I used to feel after speaking with mom…..

Since my last blog post, things have been looking up, and I decided to focus on what I do have control over, what I’m able to do in the meantime.  I’ve had a few relatives reach out to me that I wish I felt comfortable speaking to, but I think it’s best not to speak until the correct actions are DONE regarding the unfinished business of mommy’s passing…..

As the month comes to an end, I enjoy the beautiful sunsets and brisk nights. My mother’s passing anniversary is approaching, and it means something different this year. Those demons, I ran away and I’m proud to say, I’m now at peace with August.


~Dawn Lovely

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2 thoughts on “PT 2, August&My Summer Sadness…..

  1. I”m so proud of “U” ~ ur fortitude’s, stregnth’s, & making peace w/ur vulnerbilitie’s w/ courage thru the foundational root’s of love … I make offering’s of prayer’s 4 u, ur familie’s, relative’s, dear loved one’s & friend’s 4 light & undetanding’s, compassion, cleansing, humility, humbleness, wonder, aww, mystery, abundance, & lifting ur heart so ur spirit may soar as beautiful as the golden eagle lift’s the burden’s of question’s & answer’s w/ prayer’s & meditation’s. May u be blessed w/ radiant shower’s of blessing’s upon blessing’s w/ all in your path & journey … May u be nurtured w/ lumnous dream’s, vision & ur mother’s spirit touch all that u encounter w/ ur reflection of her soul … I honor u as well I honor ur mothers life w/ the celebration(s) of sharing sacred time & space w/ ur life … Thank u …

    Much love & blessing’s

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