Welcome to 2015. I’m feeling blessed to have made it through 2014, with my health and mind still in tact.

I used to try to write “New Years Resolutions,” I would try to make a list of at least five bad habits or character flaws that I could improve or at least try to, but I realized how difficult it was to go through with them. So now I just consider the “Resolutions” as “Decisions,” that I can actually live out in daily life.

I feel as though 2014 was a test on my ability to forgive people and understand “why” they do the things they do that may offend, upset or  annoy me. Of course I haven’t mastered this ability yet, but it has helped me become more aware of “what” made me feel upset and what causes me to hold on or feel the need to hold a grudge against someone…..I decided to wait and take a step back, pause, before I say something out loud that doesn’t reflect at ALL how I truly feel about the person that has offended me. This tactic is easier said than done.You have to humble yourself,  allow the other person who YOU feel is actually wrong to be “right.” By this I mean to not force your opinion on them. Just let them be………

By doing so, you will prevent the disagreement from growing into something that takes over the relationship because you may say something so ignorant or mean, that will cause permanent damage to the relationship and possibly the other person’s feelings…..I’ve been in the wrong before, and it’s been done to me as well, but I’ve made the decision I will try my best not to do it to someone else.We’re only human, but that’s why this shouldn’t be so difficult once you make that decision.

So make the decision, you have nothing to lose!

Much Love&Respect,

~Dawn Lovely


One thought on “NEW YEARS DECISIONS, yes, I said, “DECISIONS”

  1. Wow, I must say with all honesty that I can totally relate to what you said. I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember and it has hindered countless relationships. I have been trying to work on this for years, and your perspective is definitely one I share. Coincidence or not, one on my New Year’s “Decisions” is the exact same one you stated here. Thanks for the advice and keep up the excellent work.

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