“Just Say Hi”……#JustSayHi

Just say Hi…..sounds pretty simple?

Our society has changed in terms of the way in which we communicate on a daily basis, due to technology. Regardless of how many options of ways to communicate that we have available, devices should not take over/interfere with our ability to have a basic interaction with another human being on a daily basis. A basic phone call these days seems like more “effort,” because we don’t exactly “have” to do it,  so we text, and that’s okay, but sometimes we may end up going days/weeks without hearing a  person’s voice. Call me “old fashioned,” but I just can’t get used to taking typed words, “font” at the same value as hearing a person’s voice. Especially when it comes to loved ones.

Although it’s very convenient to be able to text a person to say “Hi, how are you doing today?,” If you have the time, a quick phone call can make a big difference in their day and your day. Yes we are all “busy,” everybody says that, but “Just saying Hi,” can take less than a minute to do…… If need be, just say Hi, and call back when you have the time to have a proper conversation. Because I live a distance from my loves ones,  this habit is a must. It helps me feel closer to them and keeps me in the loop.


If a person takes the time to call me, even though they didn’t “have” to, it lets me know that they care enough to make the effort, and I’ll do the same for them 🙂

Much Love&Respect,

~Dawn Lovely


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