It’s a New Day! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, if it’s your birthday today :), But if today is just another day for you, the words I’m about to say may help you make the most of your day, even though it’s not your Birthday.

Have you ever had a day where a person in your daily life wronged you in some way that caused you to feel they “ruined” your day? Or things are just not going the way you’d like them to go, and it starts to put a “damper” on your mood&ruin your day? Well of course you have! I know I have….It could be your sister, brother, significant other, boss, the bus driver, a store clerk, or even a stranger who cuts you off while your driving in traffic! Oh you go the whole day telling everyone&anyone that common phrase, “I’m having a BAD day.”

Now, I have been guilty of saying that phrase in the past, however, as I’ve grown and matured as a woman into my 30’s, I’ve learned that “BAD” days are not as “BAD” as we sometimes  make them out to be. A “BAD” day is usually a few occurrences that happened in the day that you didn’t expect to happen, and you had to get through them to complete your day, which actually is “LIFE.”

So when I have a “BAD” day, I remind myself that I’m still alive& kicking and I am surviving the “BAD” day so I’ll be able to move on to the NEXT day, which will most likely be better than that”BAD” day I had yesterday lol….It’s not about being  “Optimistic” but REALISTIC 😉 If you practice this way of thinking everyday, then you will feel like everyday is your Birthday, you’ll appreciate and make the most of your day, EVERYDAY!

Much Love&Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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One thought on “It’s a New Day! Happy Birthday!

  1. Dawn this is great advice! Like attract Like, it is good to know if we dwell in the small negative aspects of our life we will draw in bigger negative situations. This can work on our behalf by attracting more positive to do with my life. We have to spend more time focusing on the good things to happen to us or, what we like to happen to us.

    I appreciate this advice especially since it’s close to my birthday- January the 7th : )


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