Computers/Virtual Reality/Reality

I remember the first time I used a computer….Do you remember in elementary school using the “ICON” computer with the roller ball for a mouse??? If you don’t, then you are waaay younger than me lol it changed my outlook on the world forever. I viewed  the computer as another outlet that I could use to express my creativity, explore and learn. I loved using the keyboard, typing on the screen, and using the drawing programs. Then there was the internet, the “world wide web” I think the first time I used it was at school to research for a project. I viewed it as a tool for learning, and I loooved goggle. I couldn’t believe a “two letter” search could bring up any information in the world that I wanted to know…..I was amazed. When I grew a little older I was introduced to email and “chat rooms” I remember hearing that automated voice, “You’ve Got Mail!” lol I thought it was weird, because it made receiving an email sound “exciting” I found it funny. The first time I talked in a chat room I LMAO chat rooms were different back then though, there were no “rules.” I observed a pattern though, after greeting a person they would automatically describe their appearance, and EVERYONE seemed to describe themselves to be what society perceives as attractive. There was also a lot of nonsense chatter and weird stuff being said that I couldn’t get into….. It wasn’t real to me, and considering I couldn’t see them and couldn’t prove who I was talking to, how could I take them seriously? I separated reality from this virtual world, and I understood the dangers of taking it too seriously…..

We live in a society that your “virtual life” is equal, if not more important than your real life. Online habits can make or break relationships, which I find crazy.  I would’ve never thought computers would end up being a main source of communication as they are now, not in my wildest dreams. Many misconceptions can happen when posting your life online. It has it’s upside and downside, unfortunately the downside is what seems to be more prevalent. To see a loved one post a life changing announcement on social media, before telling the family first, can ruin that relationship for good…..Is it worth it?

I guess it’s all about priorities. How much importance do you base what the cyber world thinks and “knows” about you versus the people you consider to be loved ones? 


~Dawn Lovely

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