My Pre/Post Birthday Thoughts…..

As my birthday approaches, I’m reflecting on the year so far,  good and bad, ups and downs. I can honestly say that there’s been more UP’S and I’m happy to share that. I use birthdays as a measure of time for the year, instead of the “New Year” because it means surviving a full year of life and with the stresses of living in this society, I consider that an accomplishment in itself…..

It’s a few days since my birthday, and my birthday was especially different this year. I’ve never spent a birthday away from home, my place is still being repaired, and I’m far away from friends and family. I’m literally a block away from cows and farmland…..I have what I need, and enough to get by, yet I’m without my usual belongings. I couldn’t and didn’t take a fancy dress with me when I left, it wasn’t even a thought, or a priority. In case I was going out, I would’ve  liked to have had one…I tried to plan for my birthday, but I didn’t need to overthink or disappoint myself with high expectations, or have a bratty attitude. A couple of my relatives came to visit, it’s a long drive, and I appreciated that. I didn’t have a party-it-up birthday that is expected once you hit this age…..My father did his traditional phone call, and sent me a short “dad-like” message that was metaphorical, regarding my age  and “youthful” look…He was trying lol…..

Set-backs, like the flood, I now consider an inconvenience, instead a negative instance…..I’ve come a looooong way. Being placed in a few new/different environments so quickly, from a situation that was an still is out of my hands, has introduced me to a better way of life. What I thought was home, I see in a different light, and there was nothing wrong with that place, I adored it…..

I’ve been introduced to an improved environment, a town that’s alluring and calm, it’s helped to  inspire me and look forward. I’m anticipating what’s going to happen next, whenever the place is habitable again…Everything is going to be different, I have A LOT to catch up on…..My fears aren’t interrupting my peace, the way I used to let them, when an out of my hands situation happened in the past…..I’m Happy I made it to this Birthday, but I won’t tell you how old I am…lol…..


~Dawn Lovely

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6 thoughts on “My Pre/Post Birthday Thoughts…..

  1. I don’t know your age but you are very mature and wise, and thats what counts, that we don’t waste a year stuck or figuring out how to move forward. You’ve acomplished a lot in a year it seems. Happy Birthday Beautiful


  2. Hahaha! Lovely piece! Regardless of how old you are, you look stunning!…

    Happy belated birthday. So sorry I didn’t catch it sooner. From what I read you had a good day and I am glad.

    I love the fact that you measure your year based on your birthday and not 1 Jan like the rest of the world. I think that holds real value and your evaluation of the year is specific to YOU and not wrapped up in the hype of New Years.

    I’ve learnt a lot from you over the past year and I will forever remain gateful. Keep blogging 🙂


  3. Eye love who u R & who you’ve become!
    It’s not ur age nor your youthful looks but, honestly it’s your “Spirit” that luminates: As the early morning star leads the day & the brightness of your wisdom that fallows the unfolding of your personal life experience’s you share “truthfully” As a clear night radiates showers of pure beauty to open our soul’s to the universe.
    I honor your parents & grandparents that wished upon a shooting star on your day of birth w/ love & abundance of blessing & knowing that your are loved through Prayer’s of gratitude’s w/ great love, great peace, & great thanks 4 who u R & who you’ve become.
    Love & Blessings


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