Valentine’s Day, Through a Child’s Eyes…..

I remember dreading Valentine’s Day in primary school, because I didn’t want to have to ask my mother to purchase Valentine’s cards, that students were EXPECTED to hand out. I knew she couldn’t afford these extra expenses, and since there was a handful of us in primary school, I felt shameful to ask knowing we all would…..I thought it wasn’t an important holiday to recognize among  us  children, we were just children…We didn’t have romantic feelings,  for one another,  the most would be a “crush”  here and there…..I loved the chocolate and candies though, that was my favourite part. I looked forward to sharing candy with my classmates, that was fun, or when the teacher allowed us to have a party, where we all brought snacks, and shared……I felt we were forced to had out cards to each other, when the majority of us didn’t even like each other, we tolerated each other, being classmates. It was weird picking out the “appropriate” card for the kid in my class who was rude, a jerk, and would tease others daily…..I didn’t want to give them a card period, and I most definitely did want them to feel they had to give ME one…If they did, I politely Thanked them, but thought to myself, “You only did that because you HAD to…..” it was very insincere, fake, and it went against my ethics. Even as a child, I had a code of ethics that I tried to follow, regardless of my peers actions. I made sure to give a Valentine’s Card, a “nice” one, to that loner kid,  the boy who was constantly bullied, teased, or ignored. That was the one good deed that I could do to make this day better for another, but I felt the whole tradition was silly to promote to us…Children.

I hope my blog didn’t sour your Valentine’s Day! lol



~Dawn Lovely

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