Playing Catch Up…..

I had a  co-worker who  was one of the most miserable people I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to be around, but I wasn’t allowed to move to different cubicle, which I requested from my supervisor lol. I’d do my best not to cringe or be rude as she would constantly complain about what she didn’t have compared to all her friends. I tried to suggest a positive way to look at the situation, but that didn’t help. She would go on and on about how her friends have houses, are married, and are living the “good life.” It was annoying, and very irritating. From what I heard, her boyfriend works very hard as an entrepreneur running a few business, she lives in one of the best areas of the city in a beautiful condo that many would wish to live in…..Why not appreciate that?… Until you get everything else you want? I don’t get it…..Smh…..

So, I call this  playing “Catch Up,” trying to stay in line, equal to everyone around you in life, and making sure you don’t fall beneath “their” standard. It’s hard enough staying afloat in this society, making sure you “look the part” regardless of how much your struggling, or how exhausted and stressed out you may be from work/life. I’ll admit I’ve felt the shame of feeling behind my peers and some of my relatives. I took a different route than them, I didn’t have many options at the time, but I ended up where I was supposed to be in life. I didn’t feel good about myself because I thought I missed some steps…..But I actually didn’t, because the lessons learned in the meantime fed  my self confidence, and I grew a thicker skin…..

Playing catch up with others is silly… will NEVER catch up with them, it just isn’t possible. Life is not designed that way, everybody has their own set of problems and challenges…You’d be surprised at what their really going through, in order to stay “ahead” of the game, so just do you and stay in your lane!


~Dawn Lovely

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