Most People Wouldn’t…..

If you were standing behind somebody in public and they dropped money on the ground, but didn’t notice, would you tell them? Or would you wait until they walked away, and pick up the money to keep???

Well apparently “most” people wouldn’t, that’s what a lady said to me after I alerted her that she dropped $100 dollar bill. We were standing in line at the register the.. only two people in line, and in the store, ironically. While she was about to pay, rummaging through her wallet, a $100 bill dropped to her side. So I said, ” Excuse me Mrs” and pointed to it. Her face looked shocked, as she yelled out, “Oh my goodness!!! Thank you SO much!!! Most people wouldn’t….” She looked me in the eye with a shocked look on her face. I responded, “It’s okay, no problem! I understand…..You’d go home and be like OMG….” I wouldn’t wish that feeling upon a stranger. As the lady continued to Thank me, I noticed the cashier looking at me, in an admirable way. The woman paid for her items, and turned around and said to me, Thank you again. So I decided to tell her that I’ve lost my wallet\left my wallet places, and had somebody pick it up and I got it back with NOTHING taken. I also have found a wallet and searched the ID and mailed the wallet back to the owner…I do for people, what I would hope they’d do for me. I told her God Bless You…

Now, I felt the need to share those examples with a stranger, because I’d like the “norm” to be that we as a people care enough about one another, to automatically put ourself in their shoes. For one, that money was NOT mine, I know for a fact, it was hers so, she deserves to keep her money! I also thought, that money could’ve been for anything, everybody is dealing with the ridiculous inflation and cost of living in Toronto. Don’t let appearances fool you. I could use an extra hundred bucks, but who couldn’t!

I do believe in karma, or whatever people call it. If we give eachother a break, and really care, in our daily interactions, we’d enjoy life on this planet more.

I told my friend, about this and he said, Sorry, just being honest, I would’ve took it!…and I laughed, and felt disappointed at the same time:(…..


~Dawn Lovely

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