Am I The Right Fit🤨???….

I thought I was going to be late as I walked briskly to the bus stop in the heavy pouring rain. I checked the weather report before I left, and I didn’t expect it to be so windy and cold! My flats were soaked within seconds, and I did not want to catch a cold. I guess summer is officially over, OH NO! That’s what I thought as scurried across the street, feeling like I was barefoot, water splashing under me feet. I couldn’t turn around and go home to change, and I was not going to wear anything fancier than flats. These places usually have a casual dress code, and fancy shoes are out of the question for me. I find it’s best not to over dress for these type of environments, not that I really worry about these things. It just goes along with the territory of entering a new office environment. Thinking about these details is one reason why I’m not into the office environment.

I was going to get wet regardless, and I didn’t care. I didn’t care if my curls were wider and I didn’t look perfect. I just wanted to be on time, and get to the right place. As I waited for the bus I contemplated canceling, although I wasn’t quite late yet. The down pour would probably affect my arrival time, and I hate to be late, it gives a bad first impression. I’d rather not go if I’m going to be late. I sent a courtesy email to inform them that I may be late, but they didn’t mind. They simply replied, “We’ll be waiting patiently.” I knew I had to go at that point, and I really didnt feel like it. The bus finally pulled up and folks started to rush to the curb, ugh, that really annoys me…..

I hope I feel okay with the vibe of this place, or this is a waste of my time? I’m gonna probably get sick by the time I arrive home. Should I even bother going?? I don’t know how I feel about the possible hours. Based on our communication thus far, they probably assumed….. I’m not what they’re going to expect. Damn, I know I’m qualified but I’m most likely not going to be the right fit…..I dunno know…..I hope I’m on time!

I will continue in my next blog, enjoy your night 🙂

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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