The Belligerent😡 Stranger,(It’s 2020)Pick Your🤜🏼 Battles!…..

I didn’t write New Years Resolutions, but I have made necessary changes to my self that started last year. The changes are imperative to my health and well being. One of them are to improve on controlling my anger inside my body, and controlling the words that leave my mouth in anger. It is a skill I am trying to perfect, and been working on as long as I have been aware of it. My loved ones have addressed it as well, called me out, checked me, and tried to help as well.

An unprovoked confrontation with a very large man in a public place, a belligerent stranger, put me to the test the other day. I was completely caught off guard but 100% maintained my cool inside which took the most effort! I know how to maintain my cool in public places with rude folks, however, yelling, swearing and aggression can really cause my anger to skyrocket. If it does not come out, it still does damage on the inside, regardless. The very large man approached me, leaned over on the chair beside me perching his face on the ledge, and said Hello. I said Hi back, because I have manners, but he was looking at me as though he expected me to proceed to talk to him. I already knew this, because I spotted him before he came towards me. I was chill, in a very chill mood, but I didn’t feel like having a conversation with this man. He had an energy that made me uncomfortable, and he had possibly been drinking. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody, and I felt he was a little too close for comfort. He yelled a very derogatory curse word in patois, because I told him veeeery politely that I did not wish to speak, and I was busy. Which I actually was! I try very hard in my daily life outside, not to offend or disrespect men in public. I am by no means the snobby type, who takes pride in being rude to people, especially men who approach me for ANY reason. It’s crazy these days, that anything and everything can be taken the wrong way when dealing with the opposite sex. I was very, very annoyed, and slightly shook up. I had the option of calling security to intervene and remove the enraged man, but I didn’t. He was already causing a scene, and I wanted NO parts of it. My bestie cousin also works there, she’s actually a head supervisor in charge of the floor. I knew she would take this matter on if she found out, I didn’t want to involve or upset her. Plus, she’s very protective of me. I didn’t want things to escalate, so I watched him with the corner of my eye…..quietly. I trusted my gut, and let the man continue to go off. Ironically he stated, “This is a PUBLIC PLACE!!!” I knew at that point, there was no need for me to attempt to speak or argue back. I was relieved however, because he stepped several steps AWAY from me before going off……

I will continue in my next blog, stay tuned. Good Morning or Goodnight:)

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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