My take on “Luck”…Do you believe in Luck?

I’ve always questioned this thing called “luck,” and I’ve heard that some people are just lucky and some aren’t. Depending on your belief system, religion/faith, and life experiences, luck may mean something different to you. I’ve heard some replace the word “lucky” with “blessed.” I guess they have the same meaning?

I’ve never thought of myself as “lucky,” maybe blessed to a degree, but then again if I am blessed, then wouldn’t I be blessed in all aspects of life? I wouldn’t have had to go through certain things. If a person is “lucky,” then wouldn’t that luck apply to all areas of their life? I’ve always wondered that. If you are lucky in winning prizes from contests, then shouldn’t you be lucky in other areas of your life that are more important?.

My cousin works for a casino/racetrack and she’s told me stories about people basing their luck off of her. A patron will come to “cash out” at her terminal and credit their win to her touching and counting out their money. Some have told her that it is she who is bringing them “good luck.” She always tells them not to base their luck off of her, that she isn’t doing anything to make them win. She doesn’t want to be held responsible for them winning or losing, while inadvertently encouraging them to gamble. I completely understand her reasons for telling her patrons not to base their win off of her, although it is a compliment. Basing your luck off of somebody or something can be damaging to your confidence, and put a high level of expectation on a person who may be unable to give you what you need. If you have a “good luck charm” and you lose it, does that mean your luck has run out for the rest of your life?.

To those who consider themselves “unlucky,” this blog may help you look at luck in a different way. Perhaps you’re luckier than you think, or allow yourself to be. I chose to give myself a new definition of luck in order to make my life easier. I don’t depend on luck in my life, rather I simply credit myself for effort I put into areas of my life that I wish to be lucky in. That helps me maintain a feeling of some type of control over reality that may fail me in ways that I have no control over. There are things in life we know that we have no control over, so I try on a daily basis to allow my intent to lead me closer to “luck.”

In the past I’ve won the same amount of money on a scratch ticket that I had  recently given to person in need. I don’t consider that “luck” because I did that from my heart with no strings attached. Some may say it’s “karma,” but my intent was loud and clear so I give my intent the credit!.

So Good luck in life, if you believe in luck! 😉


~Dawn Lovely

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